Deal Duplicator for HubSpot




Deal Duplicator 2.4.1

August 16, 2023


What's new: 

  • There is now a Deal property called 'Deal Duplicator Source' that will indicate which method the Deal was created by. These values include: 
    • ifttt
    • manual
    • workflow


Deal Duplicator 2.4.0

July 24, 2023


What's new: 

  • Quotes can now be cloned alongside Deals when the record is duplicated via the workflow action



Deal Duplicator 2.3.0

May 9, 2023


What's new: 

  • Workflow action is now available to Deal Duplicator Pro users that also have Marketing Hub Pro allowing for much more control over when deals get duplicated
  • Users can now determine whether or not associated ticket records should also be cloned forward to the new deal or not



Deal Duplicator 2.2.0

February 21, 2023


What's new: 

  • Launch of new Starter plan that allows you to clone a Deal many times with an incremental number suffix
  • Pro subscription now includes the ability to manage access for your users in Deal Duplicator



Deal Duplicator 2.1.0

January 20, 2023


What's new: 

  • Pro subscription now includes the ability to clone a Deal many times with an incremental number suffix
  • Deal duplication now happens much faster



Deal Duplicator 2.0.2

October 11, 2022


What's new: 

  • Now you can configure the title for your new cloned Deal
  • Deal probability now is inherited from pipeline stage instead of being copied from the original Deal

Bug fixes: 

  • When a rule includes an invalid target stage, we now show an alert with a suggestion to create a new rule with an updated target stage
  • In the case of duplicating fields that have been deleted since the original Deal was created, we now ignore those fields to prevent an error in duplication 
  • When the admin user deletes Deal Duplicator, we now remove their database record in order to allow another user in the same portal to install the app without issue



Deal Duplicator 2.0.1

August 22, 2022


What's new: 

  • Major updates in source code to prepare for new features to come (this section will be more robust in our next update!)

Bug fixes:

  • Deals created by duplication now include all line items from original deal in same order
  • Deals created by duplication now maintain the same description name for line items
  • We've constructed a new session system management to avoid possible errors on UI



Deal Duplicator 2.0.0

January 11, 2022


What's new:

  • New user interface (is it slick? let us know!)
  • Automation functionality based on pipeline + stage

Bug fixes:

  • Error rendering some UI elements has been resolved