Notes+ for HubSpot

Automate note generation with a workflow action! Say goodbye to manual tasks.

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What is its function?

Notes+ for HubSpot Workflows enables you to pull in critical context from your records to curate detailed notes in your CRM.

It allows for efficient bulk note creation using data from various objects.


Communicate with style

Enhance your Note+ experience with Markdown formatting!

Achieve a level of professional and visually stunning communication like never before. 


With Notes+ for HubSpot Workflows, you can easily create notes for all the objects listed

Incorporated within a user-friendly interface!

  • Deals
  • Companies
  • Tickets
  • Contacts
  • Custom objects

Notes+ can be seamlessly integrated into HubSpot Workflows, and yes, you can create notes into standard and custom objects!


Easy to install on HubSpot…


Authorize Notes+ for Workflows through HubSpot in a minute


Write down the notes you wish to highlight in your workflow.


Your workflow notes can now be automated! You have successfully set it up! 


Choose a plan and start making notes!

  • Create notes via workflows
  • Tokens usage in notes
  • Markdown support for notes
  • Grant access to everyone within your portal
  • Custom objects support
$9 USD
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find yours, just drop us an email at

Into which objects can I create a note?

With our first release, you can attach notes to various objects such as deals, companies, tickets, contacts, and custom objects.

Is it possible to enable markdown for the content in notes?

Yes, you can allow markdown for content on notes.

How many notes may I create?

You can create as many actions as you need in your workflow.

Do I have a limit on notes?

Currently, there are no limits. We want to facilitate your communication.

Are there any conflicts with other workflow actions when using this action?

No, there are no conflicts when using our action with other actions.

Which tokens could I use to create notes?

You can use all properties available via HubSpot for each object.