Learn LMS for HubSpot

Building an academy on HubSpot has never been easier.

An easy to use learning management system for internal teams, students, partners, or customers

Perfectly integrated, purely intuitive.

Fully Integrated Across HubSpot
Easy to adapt to your brand
Admin the courses through HubDB

Easy to implement on HubSpot

It's as intuitive as it is powerful!

Install the app

Find Learn LMS in the HubSpot App Marketplace and click the Install button.

Create your courses

Design your curriculum using our intuitive Content Hub theme and the page editor.


Share your academy with your learners and start tracking their course progress!

Start today with our Pro plan

$2,496 USD
Install now
  • Flexible Page Design & Modules for Website Construction
  • Custom Brand Integration
  • Self-Paced Learning Modules
  • Customizable Course Listing Page
  • Free Preview Lessons
  • Cookie-Based Lesson Permissions
  • In-Lesson Surveys
  • PDF Certifications
  • Student Progress Tracking
  • Support for Multiple Interactive Content Type
  • Standard Student Dashboard
  • Optional Multiple Quizzes per Course
  • Flexible Quiz Answer Options

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find yours, just drop us an email at apps@instrumental.net

Can I connect this with HubSpot?

Yes, it's actually built on HubSpot and connected directly.

Do I need to know how to code to use Learn LMS?

No, everything is designed to be editable in the native page editor. 

How does the pricing work? 

We have a monthly option for $249/mo or an annual option for $2490/yr which basically gives you two months for free!

Do I need the Membership tool to manage access?

Nope! You can manage access through the HubDB and contact lists instead of upgrading to Content Hub Enterprise.

Am I able to manage access myself? 

Yes! It's very simple to update access for many contacts or opt specific individuals in to your academy.

Can I add a paywall?

You could definitely add a paywall if you wish to charge for your courses/content. In fact, HubSpot Payments could be a great option!

What are my student authentication options?

Currently, the authentication method uses a HubSpot registration form that creates a contact in HubSpot and stores a cookie in the user's browser. A second login form is placed to send a verification code to the user's email instead of requiring a password. 

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