Object Archiver for HubSpot

Archiving records automatically from HubSpot has never been easier.

Object Archiver
Object Archiver for HubSpot
Object Archiver for HubSpot

What is its function?

This power-up enables users to effortlessly create HubSpot workflows that automatically and continuously archive records of any object type, streamlining data management.

With Object Archiver for HubSpot, you can easily set up workflows tailored to each object type, keeping your database organized and running smoothly.

With Object Archiver for HubSpot, you can archive for all objects listed

You can archive as many records as you require!

  • Deals
  • Companies
  • Tickets
  • Contacts
  • Custom objects

Object Archiver seamlessly integrates with HubSpot workflows and does not cause any conflicts with other actions.

Easy to install on HubSpot


Authorize Object Archiver through HubSpot in a couple clicks.


Navigate to workflows and select the object type you want to archive, and then set the enrollment criteria.


Drag the Archive object action to your workflow. Review and activate. It's as simple as that.


Choose a plan to start powering up your data!

$7 USD
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find yours, just drop us an email at apps@instrumental.net

How many records can I archive?

You can archive as many records as you need, but you should be aware of HubSpot's API rate limits. Our app is limited to 100 API requests per 10 seconds

Does this action generate any conflicts with other workflow actions?

None. You can feel free to use our action without conflicting other actions.

Are archived records automatically removed?

No, archived records are not totally deleted. They are just hidden from your main lists.

Where can archived records be restored?

In the index page of each object type, you can click on the “actions” button and then click on the option to “Restore records”.