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MultiPay for HubSpot

Connect MercadoPago & HubSpot to streamline your quote-to-cash process.

New markets, new opportunities!

The native HubSpot Payments tool is only available to customers conducting business in USD, but MultiPay expands the possibilities for new markets by supporting the most common payment service providers outside the U.S, especially for LATAM regions.

Get paid by your customers faster
Refund or revoke payments if needed
In-app experience, no separate login required

How it works

MultiPay allows you to connect MercadoPago to HubSpot in order to generate two types of payment links:

  1. Publish a payment link on your website and make sales
  2. Create custom payment links for direct payment capture

We make the purchase process seamless and easy!

HubSpot tracks all transactions automatically!

Get buyers, get paid.

Mimicks the HubSpot payment process for USD.

  • Connect your payment service provider
  • Choose MercadoPago from the settings
  • Generate the payment link
  • Copy the link and send it directly to your buyer or publish it as a CTA on your website
  • Track payment status from the associated Deal record

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$9 / Month
$89 / Annual
  • Unlimited users, single HubSpot instance
  • Create, send, revoke, or refund payment links
  • Track the status of each payment link right from the Deal record
  • Collect funds in any currency supported by MercadoPago
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which payment service providers are currently supported by MultiPay for HubSpot?

Today, MultiPay only supports MercadoPago for the LatAm market, but we are working hard to bring additional options onto our app.

Which currencies are supported by MultiPay for HubSpot?
Currently, MultiPay supports any currency that MercadoPago supports, including: 

“ARS”,“Peso argentino”
“CLF”,“Unidad de Fomento”
“CLP”,“Peso Chileno”
“COP”,“Peso colombiano”
“CUC”,“Peso Cubano Convertible”
“CUP”,“Peso Cubano”
“DOP”,“Peso Dominicano”
“GTQ”,“Quetzal Guatemalteco”
“MXN”,“Peso Mexicano”
“UYU”,“Peso Uruguayo”
“VEF”,“Bolivar fuerte”
“VES”,“Bolivar Soberano”
What is the difference between HubSpot Payments and MultiPay for HubSpot?

The primary difference is that MultiPay for HubSpot supports payment service providers outside the U.S. that are not yet available on the native Payments tool.

How many days do I have to make a refund?

You have 180 days to issue a refund.

Why can’t I create a payment link?

One of the most common reasons that a link cannot be created is because the currency on the Deal record does not match the currency in the payment service provider. This is an absolute requirement. 

If I have technical issues creating a payment link, who should I contact?
As a customer, you have access to our technical support team should you run into any issues. We’d also love to hear your feedback if there are ways we can improve the app!

MultiPay is a HubSpot-certified and supported app!