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How to Improve Your Content Conversions with AI Tool Atomic Reach

People have needs, challenges and opportunities they want information on to assist with finding solutions.. Your content should provide the means to engage and convert them as part of a digital marketing strategy. Whether it's finding a new head lamp for my next camping trip, figuring out how to facilitate my daughter's request to parasail or learning about how to plan a great trip to Olympic National Park, great content is what is going to drive my conversion to move down the sales funnel for that product or service. 

You and your team are working hard to create and publish great content. You probably would like more content creators and support staff to assist them, but the cost of new full or part time people is expensive. You don't want to lose what you have already invested in? What about an AI tool that can help your content team learn and improve its content to generate more content conversions? One we are using to significantly improve content for our clients is Atomic Reach 

What is successful content marketing?

A lot of people have a lot of different answers, but rather than bore you with all of them, the fact is the sole answer is can be found in whether your content is converting. Conversions are the primary metric that measure whether your content is providing ROI. The top content marketing publications like the Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs, and even HubSpot point to conversions as the primary metric to determine content marketing success.

Persuasion, persuasive copy, persuasion architecture, human motivations, Cialdini and influence, are keys to the human mind in order to drive conversions; they keep obsessing us. And they should: what would we do without conversions?

Without conversions, you’re just blogging or creating content aimlessly, hoping that your audience will engage. 

Successful content marketing contributes to conversions

These conversions can be in the form of blog comments, subscribers to your blog or tips newsletter, sharing your post, email or tweet, leads, follow-up chats from your chat bot tool, and potential customers. (Check out the following reports from the Content Marketing Institute detailing B2C Content Marketing & the B2B Content Marketing here.)

Some of the common’ psychological triggers driving conversions according to Pardot are:

  • Social proof.
  • The fear of loss.
  • The desire to connect/belong.
  • Authority.

But figuring out if your content includes copy that will trigger the psychological responses needed to drive conversions can be difficult for any individual. Now we have tools that give us access to "thousands of individual minds" to assist us in evaluating and recommending improvements in our content to increase conversions. We have been able successfully utilizing a new software tool for our outdoor brand clients that help content marketers focus on conversions from their content. That tool is called Atomic Reach.

Atomic Reach LogoWhat is Atomic Reach?

Atomic Reach is a software tool that uses algorithmic data and artificial intelligence to help marketers identify and act upon trends in their content.  It gives brand publishers an Atomic Score to measure the quality of each article on the Internet. The score is determined by three critical factors: audience relevance, emotion and social engagement.

Put simply, Atomic Reach can help you create an effective content creation recipe that you can follow for continued content marketing growth. It’ll help you understand if your content is effective in engaging your target audience, and if it isn’t, how you can create effective content to drive conversions.

Measurement is the Foundation for Improvement

Marketers often get a bad rap because we want to create all kinds of content, and rightfully so - creating content has been proven to increase website traffic and conversions. But only when done right.

All too often, content creators have the ‘if you build it they will come’ mentality, churning out easily written but low-quality posts. In this case, hard work doesn’t directly translate into results. If you’re not creating content that is valuable, you might as well not create any content.

Back in the day of Don Draper, tracking marketing and advertising efforts was virtually impossible, but not today. With the modern digital marketing tool set, we can track blog views, social media clicks, reach growth, and other non-essentials. Useful, but not the key. This is what makes Atomic Reach great; it takes us beyond using those minor metrics and back into the KPI that matters most: conversions.

How Does It Help?

I’ve found that you can use Atomic Reach in a number of ways. Use it to increase your blog performance, optimize your email copy, improve the timing of your social media posts, and more. There are a lot of individual elements within the Atomic Reach AI tool that will help improve your content. Rather than trying to use all of them at once, you might want to start with selected tools and then work to incorporate all of them on a step-by-step basis. 

With Atomic Reach, you can….

Track your content performance based on conversions

If your blog plays a role in your sales process, you can specifically track what trends in your content are contributing to conversions. This can help you identify if short paragraphs are more likely to generate conversions than longer paragraphs, or if emotional content is more likely to generate a lead than more bland writing.

Quantify your content with an Atomic Score

One of the key features of Atomic Reach is how they can quantify high-quality content. They utilize key data points obtained by crawling your on-site content with their AI algorithm to grade everything based off of the major linguistic characteristics in your writing. This grade is then presented as a score from 1-100.

Understand how content should be created through a conversion recipe

Atomic Reach is extremely helpful for our clients because it sheds light into how many words need to be in the article, how long paragraphs need to be, and many other variables. It also assesses the power of a title. It’s the first thing that draws an audience. The tool also looks at audience match. Being able to write to the level of sophistication for your audience is critical. The next is emotion. Writing with emotion and sophistication is equally important to writing great content.

Create content based off your conversion recipe in the Context Engine

One of the best features of Atomic Reach is the content editing tool. The Context Engine helps you see how much emotion you should include, how long your article should be, or how you can speak to a different audience and create better audience centric content - directly from Atomic Reach’s editing tool.

Tell what times your social media posts should be shared

Connect your social accounts for information specific to when you should share content for the best results. Take less time performing statistical analyses to understand when you should share posts, and focus more time on creating high-quality content.

How to tell if you need Atomic Reach

If your content marketing strategy isn’t generating the type of results you want you should consider using Atomic Reach. It's that simple. Remember:

  • Knowing what makes your content perform is the key to creating content that converts.
  • With your Atomic Reach Conversion Recipe, you can access your most important data in an actionable format. 
  • Use your Conversion Recipe to better understand what is driving your conversions.

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Atomic Reach helps you with executing the conversion keys identified in the following infographic.

The Psychology of Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Salesforce Pardot

Embedded from Salesforce Pardot