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Pro Tips on Using Attribution in Your 2018 Outdoor Company Sales Enablement Strategy - Video Interview

In this episode of our Cutting Edge Digital Tactics for the Outdoors, I discuss implementing an attribution strategy for your outdoor company sales enablement strategy. My discussion is with Amanda Daume, Director of Revenue River's Sales Enablement Department. Amanda pioneers the company's use of "best of breed" technology to assist clients in maximizing the results from their spend on digital marketing resulting in paying customers that are satisfied. 

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Outdoor Compamy Sales Enablement Strategy

R- Let me start by asking you to give our viewers a quick rundown of what "sales enablement" is and where it fits into sales enablement for outdoor companies?

A- At its core, sales enablement is the strategic alignment of a brand's technology, processes, and people in order to create a tailored buying experience for their potential customers. Consumers in the modern age expect the ability to make purchases on their own terms, whenever and however is convenient for them. Brands in the outdoor industry, in particular, have tremendous digital opportunities to go where their audience is to provide delightful journeys from the point of brand awareness to brand evangelism. 

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