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How to Increase Sales ROI from Trade Shows with atEvent - Video Interview

In this episode of the Cutting Edge Digital Tactics for the Outdoors, Kelley Wrede, Conversion Engineer discusses how outdoor brands can bring a wealth of qualified leads home from trade shows without experiencing a load of technology headaches in doing so. atEvent is the most comprehensive "Event Lead Automation Platform" available. It connects pre-event, at event, and post-event prospect engagement to accelerate sales velocity. It is a great tool for creating digital sales strategies for the outdoor industry


I would venture to guess it’s been a challenge at your organization to clearly track ROI, and yet you continue to invest in events, year after year. If attending trade shows is still a "must do" in your marketing and sales program then you need a tool like atEvent. For example, this app allows you to plan, integrate data directly into your CRM, execute on site, deliver immediate personalized follow-up through segmented workflows, and calculate a "cost of lead acquisition" in real time.

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Regardless of how optimistic about the results you will achieve from participating in trade shows, if you are not collecting and tracking your lead data accurately, and if this data is not the determining factor for which events you attend as an exhibitor, you are not only missing the boat but possibly sinking it. It's the data and its use that determines whether your optimism was warranted or foolish. You need an outdoor company sales enablement technology like atEvent.


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