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3 Insights to Improve Your eCommerce - April 2019

"Improve customer experience ecommerce," is the shortened way of searching to find ways you can improve the customer's experience when engaging your ecommerce website. This month we touch on three areas that offer proven results to engage, delight, and convert visitors to order filling customers. These include the use of chatbots in specific areas, learning what the top factors are in developing landing pages that increase conversion, and what to know so you don't alienate your customers through the use of retargeting. 

What do your customers think are the potential benefits of chatbots?

Potential Benefits of Chatbots - Chatbot Magazine

The best chatbots for ecommerce websites are ones that excel at making your visitors engage with what you are offering and converting them into both hot leads and order completing customers. There are three specific areas that you should take an immediate look at implementing into your website. They are customer service, landing pages, and sales assistance. 

Customer Service

The demand for digital customer service is clear: 70% of consumers prefer messaging to phone for customer support.

  • 56% of people would rather message than call customer service

Additionally, chatbot-based customer service is strongly appealing to some consumers. When asked about the expected benefits of using chatbots for customer service, consumers identified the following:

Chatbots Magazine conducted a survey and discovered that 66 percent of millennials say that 24/7 service is something they consider a benefit to websites currently using bots. Besides pleasing your customers, IBM Watson estimates that you will reduce your customer service costs by 30%

Sales Assistance

Most brands do not have the resources and budget to employ multiple people who can chat with their customers to solve their queries. This is where chatbots play a super important role by eliminating overhead, being able to respond to many customers simultaneously, and capture lead information and so on. 

  • 53% of people are more likely to shop with businesses they can message
  • 40% of consumers do not care whether a chatbot or a real human helps them, as long as they are getting the help they need. (HubSpot, 2017)

Chatbots offer a highly efficient way to improve the shopping experience. They can:

  • Offer instant, real-time customer service across multiple channels They can
    (voice call, text, email, messaging app, website, and more).
  • Allow simple, convenient purchases via message-based interactions.
  • Provide relevant, actionable offers in real-time, personalized to a customer’s trends.
  • Improve ecommerce sales through upselling and cross-selling services and products.
  • Are able to deliver alerts and updates regarding available inventory


Landing Pages

How many links should you have on your landing pagess?

Landing pages are an essential tool for you to use in generating leads that can be converted into sales. When you create a link for the reader to click on, the landing page that comes up on their screen is the first stop for you to engage them. What makes up high performing landing pages? Here are real-world examples compiled by our partners from @databoxHQ to help you and your team.

Examples of how to improve your landing pages

Companies with 10 to 15 landing pages increase leads by 55%. Companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12X more leads than those with five or less.

The value and relevance of your offer will have a direct impact on whether the visitor converts. Chatbots can also significantly improve your landing page conversions.

  • The average conversion rate of a landing page is 2-3% while it is 3-4x for a chatbot-based landing page
  • A Connecting with Consumers’ report says that more than 83% of online shoppers require assistance to complete a purchase. In such a scenario, chatbots can provide support like a sales-person in a retail store. In fact, you can direct the customers directly to a chatbot landing page where they can make their purchase decision, browse products, check out prices and more from there itself.

As a landing page, chatbots are the ultimate tool that can change your game completely. They can track consumer behaviour by monitoring the data of the users, segment them and more.

Whether it's to improve your customer service, make it easier to get general information, or help someone make a purchase, take just one aspect of your ecommerce business and implement a chatbot in that area. Here's a terrific webinar with amazing examples and a roadmap from the folks @Drift

Some of our favorite chatbots include:


Do's and Don'ts of Retargeting to Avoid Abusing Your Customers

Retargeting, remarketing, revisiting, are all forms of digital advertising designed to turn those 98% of shoppers who visit you store or website but leave without ever buying (Statista).

Luckily, a huge chunk of the sales within abandoned shopping carts is recoverable. To recoup these sales, brands in part need to examine retargeting strategies. Brands that effectively manage their abandoned shopping carts can bolster sales growth and gain a competitive edge in the ecommerce market.

Retargeting is intended to capture more of those consumers as they proceed through the funnel. While you want a robust retargeting strategy, you also don't want to cross the line and alienate your new visitors and customers. There is a limit to how many retargeting ads an abandoned cart shopper will tolerate before determining that the brand is being annoying and intrusive.  How consumers view online ads over time

The folks at @buffer recently produced a kick ass podcast on 7 Ways to Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns. The seven steps are:

  1. Make sure you understand YOUR customers buyers journey
  2. Match your custom advertising audiences to the shopper's intent from their visit
  3. Don't over advertise to them
  4. Test to find the best magnet that converts
  5. Dynamic creative ads have huge potential
  6. Set up simple sequential engagement campaigns
  7. Visitors purchase because of it in your ad campaigns?

How can you improve your next retargeting campaign?

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