HubSpot Onboarding Prep

Hi there! We're excited to partner with you to onboard HubSpot. Our goal for you during this project is that by the time it's over, you will love HubSpot as much as we do, and feel equipped to use it to meet the needs of your team and company! This page will make sure we gather the information needed to complete your technical set-up.

Get Started: 

1. Fill out the form below 
2. (Marketing Hub Users Only) Connect your Social and Ads Accounts if applicable

Lastly, a few important compliance-related features that come with your new license that we like to point out.

Cookies - HubSpot has a Cookies tool where you can add your own policy to use across your HubSpot pages. If you host your website outside of HubSpot, you can create your cookies policy in HubSpot and embed it on your external site. More information here

GDPR - If you do business in California and/or outside of the US, you will likely need to turn ON HubSpot's GDPR tools. If this applies to your business, please check out HubSpot's documentation on GDPR and consult with your legal team on the best way to make your portal GDPR compliant. 

HubSpot GDPR Playbook | GDPR Functionality Resources

What To Expect

Kick Off

We'll hold a kick off call with your team. During this call, we will meet virtually, learn about your goals with HubSpot, and develop a tailored plan to meet those goals during our time together!


After our kick off call, we'll begin training your team on your HubSpot license. Feel free to invite anyone you want to join our training calls. These calls will be recorded and you will receive the recordings after each training session.

Additional Support

If at any point you have a question on HubSpot, here is where you can turn: 

HubSpot Support.
HubSpot Knowledge Base.
Your Digital Project Manager, or your HubSpot Success Manager.

What you'll walk away with

Upon completing the training, you will have the skills, knowledge, know-how, and confidence to use HubSpot successfully for your business needs. However, even though onboarding has concluded, we are still here to answer any questions or share additional Rev Resouces for you!

Meet Our Certified HubSpot Success Managers

mk 2-1
MaryKate McDonough

Director of HubSpot Success

I’ve been helping teams get started with HubSpot for 7+ years, and in those years I have seen the platform evolve into what is truly the best marketing + sales platform out there. Need onboarding? Let’s work together. Your team will thank you for it!!

Aaron Smith

HubSpot Success Manager

Over the last 5+ years, I've supported and managed multiple teams within HubSpot; I can assure you that it is the most effective, efficient, and user-friendly platform you will ever use! Ready to get started?