Integrated HubSpot Implementation Sees 25% Increase in MoM Revenue for Sales

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InMotion also leveraged Business Units to help them partition data for multiple segments of their business.

OVERVIEW Premium Web Hosting company chooses Instrumental Group to help them implement HubSpot.

Meet InMotion, a premium web hosting company that has served 570,000 customers over the past 20 years while earning accolades for Best Shared Web Hosting Company and Top Hosting Provider from the likes of TechRadar and

Put simply by Co-Founder Sunil Saxena, InMotion is a "customer service company that happens to offer web hosting."

Learn how InMotion embraced HubSpot and achieved visibility across the customer lifecycle while improving operational efficiency and implementing Business Units.

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25 %
100 %

CHALLENGE Aligning people, data, and technology.

InMotion Hosting has historically used programs and systems that its team developed in-house. They used several "homegrown" systems to connect and house customer, sales, and revenue data.

Eventually, the piecemeal approach broke down. The team lacked visibility into data which led to performance inconsistencies across platforms. They realized they needed to switch from DIY to scalable solutions, ready to meet their needs as they grew. They explored open-source software like Mautic and proprietary software like MailChimp and Active Campaign for email.

InMotion felt aligned with open source or in-house developed solutions but quickly realized that they could achieve more with HubSpot. In fact, they realized that if they could move off of Mautic, SurveyMonkey, Qualaroo, Active Campaign, and Sendible, they could save $13,485.59 annually and reallocate that budget toward HubSpot.

After purchasing HubSpot, the team knew that they needed to get it set up correctly due to the significant investment that the company was willing to make. That meant going with an outside vendor. Ultimately, they chose Instrumental Group dba Revenue River due to our agency's technical expertise with HubSpot.

It became clear through our conversations that the biggest challenge would be optimizing InMotion's HubSpot instance to accommodate the needs of multiple teams with Business Units. They needed help with intelligent system design, architecture, team training, and API and native integrations, ensuring that data would flow back and forth between the technology they use to run their business. Permissions and access would be critical and must be set up to meet team and business unit requirements.

SOLUTION A multi-team, multi-platform integration strategy.

InMotion had the intellectual property and industry expertise that we need for ideal system design logic and requirements. 

The team at Instrumental Group coordinated with the technical team at InMotion to show them exactly what data points needed to be pulled. We were also able to provide a data schematic to show how data would flow.

We created a data schematic to show how triggers across their various platforms, including HubSpot, PowerPanel, and ZenDesk would update relevant information to enable the customer journey and create operational efficiencies for the InMotion team.

Data included lead source attribution, customer information, sales information, billing information, and behavioral triggers, with 50+ data points across platforms. Note: Some data points are obscured below to protect sensitive information.

To start, we got the sales team out of Mautic. The sales team struggled with Mautic's interface, finding it non-intuitive and relatively manual. When moving them into HubSpot, we included some Lead Status updates, Pipeline motion changes, Role/Team permissions, and customized the record layouts so the sales team could hit the ground running.

The next step was to get the Marketing team out of ActiveCampaign, which limited their automation capabilities and dynamic email options. Now, in HubSpot, they're using the new programmable email tools, Lead Source updates, and lead scoring.

Next, we developed an integration strategy for their proprietary platform, PowerPanel, to ensure customer and revenue data was syncing between the new system.

We got four teams up and running in HubSpot and implemented Business Units so that their other brand,, could function in the same instance.

Finally, we assisted with an integration between HubSpot and Zendesk, leveraging both connectors available in the marketplace.

All in all, we customized HubSpot to focus on creating an organized database, improving reporting visibility, fully leveraging automation, and conversion rate optimization by doing the following:

  • Database organization
    • Contacts, company records configuration
    • Contact timelines
    • Database hygiene
    • File manager configuration to house and organize assets
    • Segmentation into smart lists
  • Reporting and visibility
    • Campaign attribution
    • Properties and fields mapping
    • Lifecycle stages
    • Attribution tracking
    • Engagement
    • Website consumption by lead source
    • Track lifecycle of leads to customer
    • Filter lead views
    • Pipeline
    • Multi-touch attribution, email performance, and lifecycle stage visibility
  • Automation
    • Enrollment criteria
    • Personalization tokens
    • Sequences
    • Auto-remove from workflows based on closed/won status
    • Close response gaps
    • Status accuracy for integration across multiple tools/systems
    • Reducing manual entry across tools
  • Conversion rate optimization
    • Nurturing workflows
    • Lead scoring
    • Smart forms
    • Best practice landing pages for lead capture through paid and organic efforts

Below shows the final system architecture map that aligned triggers, data, and activity across customer activity, affiliate marketing, demand generation activity, sales activity, and lifecycle stages. Note: Some data points are obscured below to protect sensitive information.

"InMotion Hosting has used programs and systems that were developed in-house for the majority of its history. Attempting to translate our internal workflows into HubSpot was not simple. Instrumental Group provided invaluable assistance for the Sales to understand how existing workflows could be translated into and improved by integration with HubSpot. This shows more than technical knowledge, but also knowledge of departmental workflows and processes across multiple industries. They don't just understand the tech, they understand people."

Adam Curtix
Sales Manager at InMotion Hosting

RESULTS The InMotion team was relieved when they could end their Mautic license.

After moving into HubSpot, they achieved the following results:

  • 100% adoption rate by Sales Team
  • From a 55% adoption rate of previous CRM.
  • The first month of full adoption (March 2022) saw a 25% increase in MoM revenue earnings for the sales team.
  • 15% increase in Average Revenue per Sale MoM
  • Sales system efficiency with:
  • Email templates for the sales team
  • Sequences/workflows for the sales team
  • Dashboards that include a leaderboard, team activity totals, and response time metrics
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Built a funnel for visibility into activity
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Setting up actions for eBook downloads from the InMotion site
  • Cart abandonment email sequences 
  • Behavior-based lead generation for new product launch
They also went all-in on HubSpot and the flywheel, completing 64 certifications and counting.

IMPACT Ashleigh Becker describes the impact of their new HubSpot system, the integrations, and the collaborative partnership.

“As a technical company, we had several homegrown platforms that needed to be connected to HubSpot to pull in all the data we needed.

They formed a custom solution with multiple API connections. Without this level of support, we would not have been able to use HubSpot to the fullest extent."

Ashleigh Becker

Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations | InMotion Hosting
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