Leading Provider of Home Healthcare Equipment Increases Subscribers 230% with HubSpot CMS

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AWARD WINNER HubSpot 2022 | Platform Migration Excellence Award - CMS

This category recognizes partners who are providing value to clients starting with a single product, demonstrating their expertise in delivering a single hub solution to their customer. 

This story features an integrated website in HubSpot.


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Apria also uses HubSpot's CRM platform to connect their data.

OVERVIEW 2+ Million Patients in the US. 1 Website to Serve Them All.

Apria is on a mission to improve the quality of life for their 2 million+ patients who rely on them for home healthcare equipment and services.

Jenni Dugan, Vice President of Marketing at Apria, understands her responsibility to leverage digital channels, especially the website, to reach their target audience of patients, doctors, and insurers to achieve Apria’s mission.

She knew quickly that the existing, hard-coded website was too inflexible to support their needs and that the stakes were too high to continue without a high-performing website befitting the company’s size, scale, and mission.

Through a partnership with Instrumental Group (dba Revenue River) and leveraging HubSpot’s CMS Hub®, not only did Apria get the website they needed, they started seeing results soon after the site launched with a measurable impact on their business.

53 %
152 %
230 %

CHALLENGE Apria turned to Instrumental to streamline the design, development, and management of their website.

Apria had a hard-coded website that was, simply put, “unusable." Anytime the team wanted to make a change to the site, which occurred monthly, they incurred thousands of dollars in developer fees.

Jenni was just stepping into her new role as VP of Marketing with the goal of improving brand congruency and marketing strategy. She realized that the amount of time and resources it took to update the existing website wasn’t sustainable and wouldn’t support the company’s long-term growth.

That’s when Jenni and the Apria team decided to make it a priority to build a flexible, powerful, easy-to-use website that would also keep sensitive patient data secure.

GOALS Project goals included a laundry list of achievements.

  • Reinvent the website to achieve new priorities
  • Reduce or eliminate maintenance costs
  • Improve brand congruency and maintain standards
  • Streamline the user experience
  • De-clutter content and navigation
  • Implement strong conversion paths
  • Sync data with Marketing Hub Enterprise
  • Integrate their proprietary customer portal
  • Prioritize security and accessibility
  • Comply with HIPAA regulations
  • Rebuild the Resource Library in HubDB

SOLUTIONS A patient-first, customer-centric approach: True Inbound at work.

Buyer Personas & Customer Journeys

We started by carefully considering Apria's audience and the entirety of the customer's journey to getting Apria's products in their homes, which includes everything from the patient's own research to discussions with and recommendations from doctors and other healthcare professionals. Whether the patient was early on in their journey considering care or seeking support with a product in their home, Apria wanted to be sure to make resources easily accessible on the website. Providers are also empowered to help their patients with the best home health products with their own section on the website.

Integration & Data Capture

Apria has a vision for a seamless customer experience that includes an integrated customer portal and personalized experiences tracked through the website and HubSpot Marketing Enterprise. With the integrations and website analytics dashboards in place, Apria is starting to gather data that can be used to create better relationships with patients.

Improved UX & Brand Reputation

Apria's old website had thousands of pages and confusing navigation and menus. This time around, leveraging streamlined themes and crisp designs, we reinvented the site navigation to eliminate clutter, maintain brand standards, and improve the user experience. Global theme settings and modules allowed us to create a consistent design and ensure that the brand remained intact while allowing the Apria team the flexibility to quickly create and edit site pages using HubSpot's intuitive drag and drop features.

HubDB Dynamic Databases

We leveraged HubDB to organize Apria's large volume of products by category and sub-category, ensuring that relevant product information, including imagery and manuals, stays together and is displayed across multiple pages and filtering logic.

This more intuitive self-serve platform for information helps patients source their own answers and frees up Apria's support team for more time-sensitive or pressing support inquiries.

Security & Accessibility

The Apria team felt confident in HubSpot's commitment to security and compliance for their CMS and our team's understanding of what it takes to build a compliant website. HubSpot's CMS is not open source, and with that comes the ability to control the entire CMS infrastructure. Measures include a 24/7 security team and automated and manual checks for security risks.

RESULTS Increased traffic. Increased engagement. Decreased costs.

53% Increase in Page Views Since Launch

Untitled design (6)-1
230% Increase in Newsletter Subscribers
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Post-launch, the Apria team has seen a 53% increase in page views, a 152% increase in organic traffic, and a 230% increase in newsletter subscribers.

They have also saved a significant amount annually on website maintenance costs.

IMPACT We create impact beyond just the metrics. Hear directly from Jenni.

“I felt like most agencies could do the creative side of things, but where they really shined was the whole integration of all the HubSpot platforms.

The outcome was much better than expected. We have done so many things company-wide that we could never have done before.”

Jenni Dugan

VP of Marketing - Apria
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