Industry Leader TalentWave Migrates from Salesforce to HubSpot and Gains New Deals


Leaving Salesforce ADDING HUBSPOT
Replacing Traditional GOING VIRTUAL
350 Registrants 81 LEADS

OVERVIEW Replacing Salesforce and a live event with a virtual conference and HubSpot.

TalentWave led the charge in helping their gig economy trailblazer clients adapt to changes in engaging and managing independent contractors.

As they helped their clients shift, they had some changes of their own they needed to make to survive: migrating from Salesforce to HubSpot and pulling off a dynamic, engaging virtual event. TalentWave leadership engaged Revenue River on an accelerated timeline to complete the migration, build a best-in-class digital system, and conceptualize and execute a virtual event that would drive leads and revenue.

The result was 350 registrants, 81 new leaders, and 4-5 substantial new deals in the pipeline, with a solid foundation for technology and a partnership that is only at its beginning.

Neal Bhamre

"There is no chance that we could have pulled off this event with Salesforce as our infrastructure. At no point have we felt that something was out of reach from the capabilities of Instrumental Group."

Neal Bhamre

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Solutions - TalentWave
Watch the video below to see how our teams approached the project and subsequent promotion.

RESULTS Leveraging HubSpot to increase qualified leads.

Kristen Schniffner

"Through our pre-event marketing, we managed to have over 350 registrations. We felt like that was a pretty big success given it was the first event one of it's kind, and it was all our own content."

Kristen Schiffner

Vice President Marketing - TalentWave
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