From CRM Frustration to Sales Elation: A Fund Administration Firm's Pipedrive to HubSpot Migration

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Pipedrive to HubSpot Migration

OVERVIEW When you need more from your CRM, the switch is worth the leap.

In a world where customer relationship management is crucial for success, MG Stover, a leading full-service fund administration firm, found themselves grappling with the limitations of their CRM system, Pipedrive. Despite exploring numerous platforms, they struggled to maintain visibility and streamline their processes across the organization. 

Enter Instrumental Group, an innovative HubSpot Elite solutions partner and provider that transformed MG Stover's CRM experience with a customized Pipedrive to HubSpot migration and process optimization, elevating their sales process, analytics, and reporting to new heights. 

MG Stover prides itself on providing services that are "Done right, On Time," and we brought the same energy to our project for them.

CHALLENGE Confronting Pipedrive's limitations to make room for a better way in HubSpot.

MG Stover's ambitions were greater than what Pipedrive could offer. 

They had experimented with various platforms, including Sugar and Salesforce, before settling on Pipedrive. However, Pipedrive's deal stages offered limited reporting capabilities, which prevented them from maintaining visibility into their activities across the organization. 

The MG Stover team knew they needed to modernize their CRM with a flexible platform that would provide a solid foundation to scale, grow, and offer a comprehensive 360-degree customer view with timely notifications.

They knew they would have to move off Pipedrive and onto HubSpot to achieve their goals.

The migration carried several risks, including data loss, working quickly to migrate or facing additional Pipedrive fees to maintain access to the data after the annual contract expired, inherent challenges in adopting new technology, productivity fallout during the transition, and potential negative effects on client relationships.

Instrumental Group addressed these risks by working closely with stakeholders, satisfying their requirements, and advising on the correct HubSpot license and configuration.

SOLUTION Empowering MG Stover with HubSpot: automation, integration, and improved visibility.

Instrumental Group swooped in to design, customize, and implement a custom Pipedrive to HubSpot migration to address MG Stover's challenges.  Our team developed a HubSpot framework that maximized the utility of the data from Pipedrive and enhanced their workflows within the platform, providing a single pane of glass view for exceptional visibility. This comprehensive view into customer interactions offered invaluable new insights for reporting and understanding how individuals engage with the company. 

Onboarding HubSpot

At Instrumental Group, we have a dedicated team for HubSpot Onboarding and offer a host of services to help new customers activate their new HubSpot license quickly. Our HubSpot Success Managers (HSMs) are Master Training Certified by HubSpot themselves, ensuring they have a well-rounded and complete understanding of the entire HubSpot Suite. 

We offer a host of related services and products to help new customers get comfortable working in HubSpot. Our HubSpot Success Managers are Master Training Certified by HubSpot themselves, ensuring they have a well-rounded and complete understanding of their new HubSpot license. We introduced Kelly and Dave to their dedicated HSM and set forth completing the following steps. 

  • Step 1: Global License Configuration: We offer to pick up all the initial settings and global configurations on new portals. We started with a workbook to ensure we had the proper branding elements, then jumped in to set up the CRM and Sales Pro features to ensure their instance was ready for customization. 
  • Step 2: HubSpot Software Training:  We held two calls to train the TransTrack sales team on to operate inside HubSpot CRM and how all the Sales Protools worked. This training element fulfilled the requirements by HubSpot to allow for waiving their onboarding consulting fees. 

HubSpot Configuration

We redesigned their cumbersome, PDF-based questionnaire process by replacing it with a secure online form, streamlining the sales process and saving time for both clients and sales representatives. We sprinkled in some extra functionality, enabling clients to save and resume the form at another time. Once submitted, the form data was saved to HubSpot's contact and deal records.

Additionally, we implemented automation to manage the handoff between teams, ensuring nothing slipped through the cracks. We utilized workflows and deal automation to create tasks and send reminders to team members, facilitating a more seamless process.

Pipedrive Data Migration

This was by far the most critical step of the process and where we used our secret weapon. Our ability to migrate both hard and soft data out of Pipedrive was fueled by a new product we developed. Our Pipedrive Data Migrator had been used several times in previous months while in beta. Now it was showtime!

  • Step 1: HubSpot Field Mapping: We started with an audit of the existing Pipedrive environment to identify all required fields for migration. Then we configured HubSpot to match, ensuring the ability to migrate successfully.
  • Step 2: Data Migration: We leveraged our custom Pipedrive to HubSpot Data Migration App to migrate all earmarked hard and soft data out into HubSpot. It took only a couple of hours to configure and connect it; then, the tool did the rest. It's built to extract all earmarked data and port it into the proper fields while maintaining data associations between objects. The entities we were able to migrate include: 
    • All contacts, company, and deal records
    • All notes, meetings, calls, tasks, emails, pipelines, properties, and record owners
    • All attachments
  • Step 3: Validation and Testing: We reviewed the migrated data together, ensuring accuracy. Everything checked out, the data was successfully moved into HubSpot in the proper fields.
  • Step 4: Delta migration for net new data: To finish the migration we ran a final migration to pick up all net new data and move into HubSpot for go-live before marking the project complete.

RESULTS Improved sales process, analytics, and reporting.

Through the power of automation, MG Stover's efficiency skyrocketed, and their focus on clients sharpened. We crafted automation that allowed their team to add a contact at the company level, send it to the deal level, and have automation handle changing the statuses. New deals were automatically captured for billing and onboarding, then displayed in real-time on team dashboards for full visibility.

The MG Stover team found the KPI Dashboards and automation user-friendly and efficient. We also built out views in different pipelines to enhance transparency, enabling their team to see the bigger picture of their actions.

IMPACT Long-term transformation and satisfaction.

The custom solution had a lasting impact on MG Stover's business. The seamless and dedicated pipeline empowered their sales process and significantly improved their data analytics and reporting. This integrated, digital approach eliminated roadblocks for new prospects and dramatically enhanced the visibility of crucial details for their onboarding team. The success of the project has led to a long-term partnership between MG Stover and Instrumental Group, with plans for continuous optimization to ensure ongoing growth and improvement.

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