Pharmacy Tech Company Leaves Salesforce for HubSpot, Improves Results

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This category recognizes a partner with expertise in migrating a customer from a legacy platform/system to HubSpot. Must involve complete removal of an existing system or platform and replacing it with HubSpot.

This story features a migration from Salesforce to HubSpot.

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InterLink AI migrated from Salesforce into HubSpot CRM, Sales, Marketing & Service Pro.

OVERVIEW InterLink AI migrates from Salesforce to HubSpot within a razor-tight timeline.

Meet InterLink AI. Founded in 2013, their organization has a driving purpose of reducing the margin of human error in the dispensing and delivery of prescription medications in retail and outpatient pharmacies.

Ally Thomson, VP Marketing, Brand Strategy & Communication had a lot on her mind when we first met. It was the 19th of the month and her Salesforce license was set to expire on the 13th of the following month. Her timeline was razor-tight, and she had a lot on her wishlist. 

With an extremely tight timeline and a large list of requirements, she knew she needed help if they were to pull a rabbit out of the hat. 

56 %
130 %
159 %

CHALLENGE An extremely tight expiration window compounded by the necessity to migrate complete sales history.

Ally described their business as a 'ten-year startup'. They had grown quickly by providing pharmacies a host of hardware and software solutions but had a lot of work to do to bring their internal processes and systems up to their current service model. She was concerned about a loss of data, and even more concerned that the sales and service teams would be left without the ability to serve customers if the migration wasn't completed by their expiration date.

  • Their Salesforce instance was a mess, and their sales and service teams had largely stopped using it due to all the data issues.
  • They had a laundry list of custom fields and data points used to manage their 230 active customers.
  • They need to move upwards of ten thousand cases containing custom fields with critical information.
  • Account and Opportunity records held custom service data and all history was critical to servicing their customers.
  • They had previously hired a third party vendor to clean up Salesforce, but the lack of context had actually made matters worse.
  • Admin duties had since fallen to Ally, and her lack of Salesforce expertise was a stressful burden she didn't need on top of marketing duties.

GOALS Migrate quickly, accurately, without downtime.

Ally knew the current conditions they were operating in wasn't ideal, and believed HubSpot could help them improve by:

  • Untangling years of sprawling records and assets with streamlined record views
  • Reducing clutter of unnecessary data points in different record types
  • Reducing time spent on administration and hygiene
  • Streamlining the sales process, empowering efficiency with templates and meeting links
  • Modernize and refresh their customer service with ticket pipeline automation
  • Restore the team's confidence with improved data hygiene and consolidating of duplicates
  • Empower the sales team to generate more opportunities
  • Generate deal velocity and improve revenue production

The project was much more than a traditional 1-1 migration of records and recreation of existing assets. An ambitious project and razor-tight timeline, with a goal of pulling it all off without interruption to their live communication strategies.

SOLUTIONS Software-empowered migration and configuration services.

HubSpot Onboarding and Team Training

At Instrumental Group, we have a dedicated team for HubSpot Onboarding trained to activate new HubSpot licenses quickly. We introduced Ally and the team to their dedicated HSM and set forth to complete the following steps. 

  • Step 1: Global License Configuration: We offer to pick up all the initial settings and global configuration on new portals. We started with a workbook to ensure we had the proper branding elements, then jumped in to set up the CRM and Sales Enterprise features to ensure their instance was ready for customization. 
  • Step 2: HubSpot Software Training:  We held six software training calls to train the Interlink team to operate inside HubSpot CRM. This training element fulfilled the requirements by HubSpot to allow for waiving their onboarding consulting fees. 

Data Migration with Migratr

This was the most critical step of the project and where we used our secret weapon. Our ability to migrate both hard and soft data out of Salesforce so quickly was fueled by our own application. Our Salesforce data migration software was built specifically to move large, complex data and history out of Salesforce. This solution empowered our service team to move at record pace and ensured InterLink AI's team would be operational before their Salesforce expiration date. 

  • Step 1: HubSpot Field Mapping: We started with an audit of the existing SFDC environment to identify all required fields for migration. Then we configured HubSpot to match, ensuring the ability to migrate successfully.
  • Step 2: Data Migration: We leveraged our custom Salesforce to HubSpot Data Migration App to migrate all earmarked hard and soft data out into HubSpot. It took only a couple of hours to configure and connect it; then, the app did the rest. Our product team built the app to seamlessly extract all earmarked data and port it into the proper fields while maintaining data associations between objects. The entities we were able to migrate include: 
    • 24,000+ contacts, company, and deal records accumulated over 6 years of operations
    • 10,000+ cases with custom fields migrated into service tickets
    • All notes, meetings, calls, tasks, emails, pipelines, properties, attachments and record owners
  • Step 3: Validation and Testing: We reviewed the migrated data together, ensuring accuracy. Everything checked out, the data was successfully moved into HubSpot in the proper fields.
  • Step 4: Delta migration for net new data: To finish the migration we ran the application just before the team began working HubSpot. This final delta migration picked up all net new data and moved it into HubSpot.

RESULTS Successful transition results in big production increases for sales.

InterLink was able to shut down their Salesforce license by their deadline without incurring any additional costs. Sunsetting Salesforce for HubSpot allowed them to increase capabilities and decrease their software costs.

The migration also improved visibility throughout the customer lifecycle, which improved client implementations. Their ability to speed up the time to revenue for new installations and reorders because of connectivity between the Deals and Tickets, including workflow automation and visibility from our Marketing & Sales, to Fulfillment & Tech Support, to Accounting teams.

*all data reported on June 16th, 4 months after InterLink began using HubSpot

  • Added $737,765 to their pipeline, crushing their quota
  • Enrolled more than 4,300 contacts into sequences
  • Increased sales meetings by 130%
  • 900% increase in new deal creation
  • 56% increase in deals closed-won
  • Increased emails to contacts by over 87%

 Deal Production over 159% of Quota 

interlink deal production vs quota

56% Increase in Deals Closed

interlink contact + deal generation

Sequence Adoption by Sales

interlink sequence performance
130% Meetings Increase
interlink activity performance

IMPACT Ally Thomson describes HubSpot's amazing impact.

We had two weeks to transition data from Salesforce and get HubSpot set up, and Instrumental Group rose to the challenge. They gave me complete confidence in the migration, despite the ridiculous timeline expectations, and we’re wonderfully communicative throughout the process.

I only regret that we had to move so quickly because I would love to keep working with them every day! They’ll be my first call when we expand what we’re doing with HubSpot even more. Can’t say enough good things."

Ally Thomson

Vice President Marketing, Brand Strategy & Communication
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