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OVERVIEW Engineered Corrosion Solutions Leverages “ECS University” LMS Program to Generate 77% Increase in Sales Qualified Leads

Engineered Corrosion Solutions (ECS) is a risk management business, focusing on identifying and mitigating the risks of fire sprinkler corrosion.

In an industry where corrosion prevention is paramount, ECS faced the challenge of effectively disseminating its expertise and attracting industry professionals to its innovative solutions.

As their website states: "We are not your typical fire protection equipment manufacturer. We think differently. We are innovators at the intersection of corrosion and fire protection who set out to become the world’s best."

This project demonstrates the organizations commitment to innvoation.

CHALLENGE Engaging prospects & driving sales in a competitive landscape.

Recognizing the need to establish itself as a thought leader and trusted resource, ECS implemented the ECS University (ECSU) Learning Management System (LMS) with the goal of engaging and educating industry professionals beyond its own workforce. The challenge lay in creating a platform that not only showcased ECS's expertise but also provided value-added content to attract and retain industry professionals seeking reliable corrosion prevention solutions. However, ECS embraced this challenge, leveraging ECS University to offer comprehensive training modules, expert insights, and industry resources, resulting in a remarkable 77% increase in Sales Qualified Leads. This success story underscores ECS's commitment to sharing knowledge and driving industry-wide progress while solidifying its position as a trusted partner in corrosion prevention.

Motivated to innovate and adaptat, ECS embarked on a strategic initiative by implementing the ECS University LMS. The challenge lay in attracting and engaging industry professionals who could use ECS’s services. ECS rose to the occasion, leveraging ECSU to attract potential customers by providing comprehensive training and support, resulting in a remarkable 77% increase in Sales Qualified Leads.

SOLUTION HubSpot + LMS to stimulate engagement.

The implementation of the ECS University Learning Management System (LMS) as a transformative tool to address the challenges faced in attracting and educating industry professionals on effective corrosion prevention strategies. By harnessing the power of this innovative platform, ECS provided a comprehensive repository of knowledge, training modules, and expert insights aimed at empowering professionals to combat corrosion effectively. Through ECS University, the company created a collaborative environment where industry professionals could access valuable resources, exchange ideas, and gain the necessary expertise to tackle corrosion challenges head-on.

RESULTS Powering sales with qualified leads.

This solution not only facilitated enhanced engagement and education but also contributed to a significant 77% increase in Sales Qualified Leads, demonstrating its effectiveness in driving tangible business outcomes and solidifying ECS's position as a trusted leader in corrosion prevention solutions.




Amanda Althaus

"An effective LMS is not just an educational tool; it's a strategic asset for growth. By providing tailored, scalable learning solutions, an LMS empowers businesses to extend educational offerings to customers. This expansion of knowledge services can significantly increase market share and attract new customers, positioning the company as a leader in both innovation and customer engagement. In today's competitive landscape, leveraging an LMS is key to fostering loyalty and driving business growth."

Amanda Althaus

Chief Technology Officer at Instrumental Group
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IMPACT Growth in Sales Qualified Leads speaks for itself.

This demonstrates a clear correlation between the initiative and improved business outcomes, translating into potential revenue growth for Engineered Corrosion Solutions (ECS).

Beyond the quantitative metrics, the impact extends to the broader industry landscape. By offering a comprehensive repository of knowledge and expertise, ECS positioned itself as a trusted resource and thought leader in corrosion prevention. This not only enhanced the company's reputation but also fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry professionals. Ultimately, this collective effort contributes to raising the standards of corrosion prevention practices across various sectors, benefiting industries ranging from infrastructure to manufacturing.

Moreover, the success of ECS University underscores the importance of investing in continuous learning and development initiatives. By empowering professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to combat corrosion effectively, ECS not only drives business growth but also contributes to societal well-being by mitigating the adverse effects of corrosion on infrastructure, safety, and the environment.

Driving business growth with strategic content and thought leadership.

Harnessing the power of knowledge and expertise to attract prospects and establish credibility. Through Learning Management Systems like ECSU, you could have a platform to create compelling content, share insights, and position your business as a trusted leader in the field. Seize this opportunity to differentiate yourself, engage prospects with valuable resources, and pave the way for meaningful connections.

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