Information Technology Services Provider Goes End-to-End In HubSpot

This story features a complex implementation and integration with HubSpot.

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OVERVIEW Info Exchange implements HubSpot to expand capabilities and drive results.

Meet Info Exchange Limited, an IT-centered digital transformation firm located in Jamaica. They provide IT infrastructure, security, and resilient operations for organizations looking to grow.

True to their cause, they were looking to transform and grow themselves. Their staff was fulfilling their end-to-end business processes in host of different software and wanted to transform for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Instrumental Group was introduced early in the process, as they were considering solution providers such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and other CRM platforms. We went through a deep scoping process, helping them land on HubSpot as the premier option for their business to scale with for years to come.

$ 315,994

CHALLENGE Unwinding and reinventing the entire end-to-end process.

Info Exchange had been through a few software migrations in their time. Having previously operated in Connect Wise and Sugar CRM, they were primarily operating in AutoTask when they made the decision to invest in the HubSpot Growth Suite. With several failed attempts to achieve efficient operations, they were experiencing a host of challenges to unlocking their growth potential. 

  • Inability to manage subscription-based billing
  • Suffering from far too many manual effort with marketing, sales, and service
  • Inability to auto-create customer records and invoices in Quickbooks
  • Lacking an effective product catalog to build quotes from
  • Limited team resources with missing capabilities
  • No visibility into relationship stage, causing them to miss opportunities for sales and renewals
  • No way of nurturing leads and automated communication based on status
  • Gaps in lead profiling, qualifying, and tracking engagement costing them sales
  • Managing multiple currencies while operating in Jamaica and invoicing in USD
  • Big time reporting gaps requiring manual spreadsheet builds and calculations
  • Internal communication gaps with servicing clients was resulting in some unhappy customers

GOALS Info Exchange craved the power of HubSpot.

Info Exchange's Founder & CEO, David Allen, was well aware of their challenges and opportunities, and believed HubSpot could help them achieve a lofty set of goals:

  • Reducing manual labor and streamline processes
  • Reducing time dedicated to gathering information across systems
  • Improving lead quality and new customers
  • Accurately migrating data from AutoTask
  • Improving resell and upsell processes
  • Filling the top of the funnel with lead production
  • Enabling buyers with more educational resources
  • Streamlining the finance process
  • Improving response time and resolution for support requests
  • Improving sales engagement and activity

The organization's goals were crystalized into a clear initiative statement that would be referenced throughout the implementation.

Success would be defined by the ability to operate their entire business process through HubSpot, from new leads to successful service and billing of their clients.

SOLUTION A HubSpot-centered lead-to-invoice implementation strategy.

Discovery, Process Mapping, and System Design

As one of HubSpot's Advanced Implementation Accredited Partners, our approach ensures complete requirements are mapped to ensure successful implementation. We included:

  • A series of discovery meetings
  • Deep assessment of all software, data structure, and process documentation
  • User story development to map each role's responsibilities
  • Requirements mapping to detail data structure and configuration
  • Architecture map design to illustrate how data would flow end-to-end

Configuring HubSpot for Four Team's Needs

Our team got to work executing the requirements, which included a full configuration of the Enterprise Marketing, Sales, and Service HUBS. The configuration included a host of complex technical requirements, which showed off HubSpot's deep capabilities.

  • Data sets were leveraged for subscription logic and revenue tracking
  • Custom objects were used for relationships with multiple addresses and email accounts
  • Product library was used to house their recurring and one-time services
  • A custom quote template was built to replicate their complex quote requirements
  • Pipeline automation was used to progress opportunities beyond the same
  • Workflows were developed to automate event and new product campaigns
  • A system to receive leads from the client's key sources (Events, forms, webinars, manual creation, and import).
  • A nurturing system to progress and qualify the lead using workflows and Lead Scores based on key attributes.
  • Automation was built to move the deal between stages based on the work of the sales reps. This way reps could focus on what's important to keep deals flowing while HubSpot workflows take care of the pipeline upkeep tasks.
  • Integrated PandaDoc and HubSpot so quotes could be generated within the Deal record, and be ready to approve and send on PandaDoc, already filled with products from the deal record.
  • Leveraged Zapier to move the deal based on "quote sent" and "quote completed" status.
  • Integrated QuickBooks and HubSpot so reps could generate invoices within the deal record and automatically send them to QB so the accounting team could adjust, approve and send the quote, and we used invoice status to move the deal.
  • Synced QB invoice data back to HubSpot so we could have a single place to report on the whole journey.
  • Created a mechanism for the Sales team to flag customers that need support from the Customer Success team and also for the Customer Service team to flag customers as possible resell/upsell prospects.
  • Created notification automations throughout the journey opportunities don't slips through. 

RESULTS An entire organization operating together.

Info Exchange began operating in HubSpot as Instrumental Group led an ADKAR change management training and activation process. As time went on their team became comfortable and confident in their operating procedures. Year-one results speak for themselves.

Won 40 clients off target account list!

InfoE - target accounts by owner
$315,994 in closed-won revenue!
InfoE - closed won revenue 2
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