Healthcare Staffing Firm Onboarded in HubSpot Marketing Enterprise

OVERVIEW Optimizing Marketing for Healthcare Staffing Company with HubSpot.

Jackson & Coker began evaluating HubSpot because they needed to improve their marketing efforts, starting with better defining their business process and driving better results for sales. As a healthcare staffing firm, their primary marketing initiatives were targeted at healthcare organizations that needed to attract more physicians and advanced practitioners. Because they managed a large database of physicians and practitioners, there was also a strong need to communicate with these important personas. Playing matchmaker was proving difficult without the ability to manage communication with marketing automation. 

Goal: Activate HubSpot for sophisticated communication
Service: HubSpot Marketing Enterprise Onboarding
Timeline: 60 days

CHALLENGE Staffing an internal team with the best marketing software available.

We were tapped specifically because Jackson & Coker wanted expert help activating their HubSpot portal quickly, as they looked to leverage existing intelligence to improve communications. After a short exploration, they shared that they had larger plans for customizing HubSpot but wanted to start small and learn HubSpot before jumping into a larger 'Phase 2' project. We agreed to offer them a straightforward project to assist their onboarding efforts. They bought their HubSpot license, executed our simple quote, and we introduced them to their HubSpot Success Manager shortly after. 

Training Objectives

During the kickoff call our HubSpot Success Manager identified a detailed list of objectives for training. 

  1. Objectives/top priorities originated by no SOP within the company, yet having lots of data and partners they needed to track. This includes state licenses, organizing specialties, having a verification process, and working with another team to manage travel & timesheets.
  2. Their sales process was not well defined which made tracking & data harder to collect
  3. They have a large tech stack along with a wish list of technologies they were debating on purchasing based on HubSpot's capabilities.
  4. While they had a foundation to build off of, they wanted to reinforce this foundation during the transition onto HubSpot. They knew how their systems worked, and where those faults lie, but having them understand HubSpot to make the proper reinforcements was the goal. Creating additional objects was just the tip of the iceberg, we discussed how everything would overlap, report, and sync with this transition.
  5. During our training, we needed to serve the needs of several different users & teams with questions about object creation and reporting. 

SOLUTION Activating HubSpot for value with multiple stakeholders.

The project consisted of three elements: marketing automation onboardingglobal license setup, template migration and styling, and team training

HubSpot Marketing Enterprise Onboarding

At Instrumental Group, we have a dedicated team for HubSpot Onboarding and offer a host of services to help new customers activate their new HubSpot license quickly. Our HubSpot Success Managers (HSMs) are Master Training Certified by HubSpot themselves, ensuring they have a well-rounded and complete understanding of the entire HubSpot Suite. We introduced the NJ Urology team to their dedicated HSM and set forth to complete the following steps. 

  • Kickoff and Goal Setting: We begin all onboarding projects with a dedicated kickoff call. The call with Jackson & Coker covered introductions, roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder, priorities for the project, and areas of focus for subsequent training calls. Our HSM, Isaac Quinn, also spent some time reviewing their early progress, offering advice and direction, and setting up their first training call. 
  • Global License Configuration: We offer to pick up all the initial settings and global configurations on new HubSpot licenses. We started with a workbook to ensure we had the proper branding elements, then jumped in to set up the Marketing Enterprise features to ensure their instance was ready for customization. 
    • Brand elements
    • Custom contact & company fields
    • Website integration to pull all web consumption into HubSpot
  • Template Migrations: One of the big value-adds we offer new Marketing license owners is build-ready templates for landing pages and emails. As a trusted partner in the HubSpot Asset Marketplace, we've built hundreds of templates. We feature a landing page master theme that provides all of the necessary elements any landing page should include like forms and content modules. It's also lightning-fast to load, scoring 96 on the Lighthouse performance score
We migrated the landing page template into Jackson & Coker's marketing portal and then styled it with their brand elements. We did the same thing with email, migrating in a series of email templates that would serve their communication requirements.


HubSpot Training

Our training methodology also aligns closely with HubSpot. We've adopted their preferred method of Change ManagementADKAR. We customize training curriculums to build awareness, create desire, develop knowledge, foster ability, and reinforce change and adoption. We'll plan a phase beyond this project that focuses on reinforcement specifically. For this project, we agreed to the following steps:

  • Step 1: Marketing Hub Tour: As a marketing team, it was important for our stakeholders to understand how HubSpot was built to meet the team's needs. We started with a full tour to familiarize them with everything the Enterprise level has to offer. 
  • Step 2: Role-Based Training: Our next step was to host three follow-up training sessions with the marketing team to answer questions and provide support. This is also where we tackled their objectives. Each session included preparation assignments, including content to cover, resources, and desired impact. Aligning team training based on priorities and feedback is key to successful adoption, which is why we customize training sessions for impact.
  • Step 3: Resources: We include a library of training resources for refreshers, reference, and new employee onboarding. We've found that this extra step to provide our own curated resources to our clients helps them action what they learn faster, and provides a convenient reference point as they grow.

Marketing With Confidence

Garrett, Kayelee, and Ciera were great to work with, proving onboarding is truly a partnership. As we approached the onboarding everyone was on the same team, with the same goals, as opposed to viewing certain features within HubSpot as a loss. We were able to think outside of the box to make everything work the way we wanted it to. 

When the project was complete, the Jackson & Coker team was ready to take their marketing efforts to the next level. They had the base knowledge of the best marketing automation software on the planet and had made big headway throughout the process. Their experience working with our HubSpot Success Manager was strong enough to elicit 'Phase 2'. Our VP of Global Sales, Rob Whitlow, was introduced as the project concluded.

Rob worked with them to detail their requirements, which stemmed from the desire to really customize HubSpot to their unique business workflow and goals. Our proposal laid out steps to help them accomplish these goals with an in-depth system architecture project. The 4-month Phase 2 project included deep discovery, intelligent system design including a detailed architecture map with automation tied to the customer journey, complete configuration based on their custom requirements, and in-depth multi-team training to ensure their entire team could operate in their newly customized home. 

As the top-awarded agency in the HubSpot ecosystem, we can successfully guide you through complex HubSpot onboardings, migrations, and integrations. Reach out to our team of experts today to get started.

Our HSM was amazing throughout the onboarding process. I'm new to HubSpot, so he made it easy for me to understand and worked hard to answer all of my questions.

Kayelee Rodriguez
Jackson & Coker

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