242% Increase In Submissions After Webpage Redesign & CRO

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Fauske has powered its business development efforts in HubSpot since 2013! 

OVERVIEW Fauske & Associates achieves remarkable results following the strategic redesign of a crucial conversion path.

By focusing on enhancing user experience and optimizing conversion pathways, the redesigned page achieved a remarkable 242% increase in form submissions. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of user-centric design and data-driven decision-making in driving tangible results and highlights the potential for further optimization across digital platforms.

About the client

Fauske & Associates (FAI) uses a data-backed approach to solve complex process safety problems and prevent or mitigate accidents in the chemical and nuclear industries. FAI provides custom solutions, including site assessments, full-service testing, engineering, simulation, consulting, and training to nearly every industry from food processing to power generation.

CHALLENGE Maximizing online engagement and conversion rates.

FAI's recent success in achieving a 242% increase in form submissions following the strategic redesign of a key webpage underscores a broader challenge faced by organizations in the digital era: maximizing online engagement and conversion rates.

In a landscape characterized by evolving user behaviors and increasing competition, businesses are tasked with continuously optimizing their digital platforms to deliver exceptional user experiences and drive meaningful results. Fauske's achievement highlights the critical importance of overcoming this challenge through strategic design, data-driven decision-making, and a commitment to innovation. 

As businesses navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, the Fauske success story serves as both inspiration and a call to action, emphasizing the need for organizations to prioritize user-centric approaches and leverage data insights to unlock their full potential in the digital realm.

SOLUTION Revamp a crucial webpage to enhance user experience, accessibility, and engagement.

The redesigned webpage was meticulously crafted to provide visitors with a seamless and intuitive browsing experience. Streamlined navigation, visually appealing design elements, and a clear call-to-action were implemented to facilitate user interaction.

Emphasis was placed on optimizing conversion pathways by strategically placing relevant CTAs and links throughout the webpage. This deliberate approach aimed to guide visitors seamlessly towards submitting a quote request form.

RESULTS A remarkable increase in qualified form submissions.

The impact of the website redesign was quantified through comprehensive analytics, revealing a remarkable 242% increase in form submissions on that page in a single quarter compared to the entire previous year. This significant improvement underscores the effectiveness of the strategic enhancements implemented.




Scott MacDonald

"Sometimes the simplest strategies can drive the most impactful results. That was the case here with Fauske. While auditing their existing website, it was apparent that a few of their key service pages were missing clear calls to action. To address this, we added bold CTAs at the top and bottom of the page, and links throughout the copy, so it was clear to the user what action they needed to take to get the information that they wanted. By implementing these clear, actionable points, conversion rates increased exponentially."

Scott MacDonald

Sr. Growth Strategist, Team Lead at Instrumental Group
Section class module

IMPACT Leveraging performance data to improve results.

The success of this initiative not only validates the importance of user-centric design but also underscores the potential for further optimization and innovation across digital platforms. Moving forward, Fauske & Associates is well-positioned to capitalize on this momentum and continue enhancing the effectiveness of their online presence.

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