Healthcare Company leaves Marketo for HubSpot and Transforms their Member Experience

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Recognizes a HubSpot Partner who has demonstrated expertise in migrating a customer from a legacy platform/system to HubSpot.

This story features a migration from Marketo to HubSpot.

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HealthSparq also uses HubSpot's Selective Sync to integrate with Salesforce CRM.

OVERVIEW HealthSparq Chooses HubSpot Enterprise Marketing. Ditches Marketo.

Meet HealthSparq, a Kyruus Company. HealthSparq partners with health plans to deliver compliant transparency and guidance solutions that empowers their members with doctor and cost information.

Anna Greene, Director of Digital Marketing at HealthSparq, was looking to innovate and reinvent her team's digital marketing efforts with a goals for better engagement, nurturing, qualification, and conversion. 

Her marketing efforts were bogged down by legacy marketing assets that didn't reflect well on the organization. Campaign performance tracking was a burden, and operating inside Marketo was costing her team valuable time with too much manual effort.

You’ll learn how HealthSparq moved from Marketo to HubSpot Enterprise Marketing, integrated into their parent company’s Salesforce through a double-HubSpot-to-Salesforce Selective Sync, and reinvented their assets to maximize efficiency, leverage intelligence, and improve the customer experience.

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CHALLENGE A marketing automation migration gets complicated by acquisition, and evolves into a double HubSpot-to-Salesforce integration.

Overall, the state of their marketing platform and assets were out of date, over-complicated, and needed complete modernization. 

  • Their Marketo instance was a mess, with years of baggage generated by employees that were no longer with the organization.
  • They had custom objects in place that had to be recreated in HubSpot and historical data migrated.
  • Recently acquired by Kyruus, who had a separate HubSpot license and was in the process of building out a new Salesforce CRM.
  • The Salesforce instance Marketo was integrated with would be sunsetted, and all records would need to move to their new HubSpot instance and their new Salesforce instance.
  • Their WordPress website was integrated with Marketo forms and landing pages, all of which needed to be swapped out seamlessly with no interruption to active campaigns.
  • Their timeline was extremely tight. We had only 8 weeks to complete the project.

GOALS HealthSparq wanted out of Marketo.

Their primary stakeholders, (Anna Greene and Carmen Cordova) knew the current conditions they were operating in, and believed HubSpot could help them improve by:

  • Untangling years of sprawling records and assets
  • Reducing manual labor by the marketing team
  • Reducing time spent on administration and hygiene
  • Reinvent core assets for ease of use and replication
  • Modernize and refresh marketing creative
  • Streamline and organize the sync with their new CRM
  • Accurately partition HealthSparq data in Salesforce
  • Seamless transition with no website downtime

The project was much more than a traditional 1-1 migration of records and recreation of existing assets. HealthSparq was about to embark on a journey to completely re-imagine its marketing strategy (alongside its parent company’s parallel journey), with a complex multi-HubSpot integration into a brand new Salesforce.

An ambitious project and timeline, with a goal of pulling it all off without interruption to their live communication strategies.

SOLUTIONS A Multi-Platform Migration & Integration Strategy

Onboarding HubSpot

Our first priority was completing onboarding requirements. Global settings, landing page theme migration, master email template migration, global styling, and team setup were completed swiftly. Training was next, with a sequence of 4 dedicated software training calls that covered priorities, homework, and operational training for the Marketing Enterprise HUB.

Configuring HubSpot

Following a full assessment of Marketo, the team completed a mapping exercise to properly inventory all custom objects and fields. HubSpot was then configured to meet their custom requirements, including custom objects, fields, smart lists, workflows, and campaigns. WordPress conversion point were carefully inventoried and rebuilt in HubSpot with embed codes for timely transition. 

Marketo Asset Recreation

  • 24 Marketo forms rearchitected into 13 HubSpot forms to complete the same objectives
  • 10 fresh landing page designs built in 3 new templates for efficient creation on-the-fly
  • Primary campaign workflow recreation with branching logic for engagement, built to clone-and-go for the HealthSparq team
  • Native integrations with GoToWebinar and Zoom 

HubSpot <> Salesforce Integration

With all required objects and records in place, we leveraged the Salesforce Selective Sync to integrate HealthSparq's HubSpot with the Kyruus Salesforce. Short steps included:

  • Setting Up Integration User
  • Creating Salesforce Profile 
  • Creating New Role 
  • Creating New User 
  • Assign Permissions 
  • Configure Sharing Settings

The complexity came with the need to limit which records in Salesforce mapped back into their HubSpot instance. This was accomplished by mapping Record Type IDs to avoid data pollution.

Marketo Record Migration

Next, with Marketo data already fully-synced with Salesforce, we activated the Selective Sync to populate HubSpot with all marketing contacts. Data migration made simple, greatly reducing HealthSparq's contribution labor. 

RESULTS Continued Uptime. Increased Engagement. Improved Performance.

264% Increase in Form Submission Rate

healthsparq form conversion rate
371% Increase in Form Submissions
healthsparq form submission rate

The HealthSparq team felt a sense of relief when everything went live without a hitch. After migrating into HubSpot, they achieved the following results:

  • Increased landing page submissions by 632%
  • Increased landing page submission rate by 12%
  • Increased form views by 29%
  • Increased form conversion rates by 264%
  • Increased form submissions by 371%
  • Successful bi-directional sync of 100% accuracy

IMPACT Restoring confidence in marketing campaigns with HubSpot. Hear directly from Anna & Carmen.

“We really got a huge revamp with the move to HubSpot across our email and landing page templates that really changed how we think about using these tools.

When we moved to HubSpot we were re-energized to use landing pages in new ways. It's the freedom and flexibility to design better pages that have a better chance of driving a conversion."

Anna Greene

Director of Digital Marketing - HealthSparq
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