Real Estate & Finance Brokerage Increases Organic Leads 1200%

This story features a multi-product solution with HubSpot.

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PetroCal swapped Salesforce and MailChimp for HubSpot as the center of its technology stack, which integrates with Quickbooks and PandaDoc.

OVERVIEW PetroCal Associates implements HubSpot as a platform to automate & grow.

Meet PetroCal Associates, a boutique financing, consulting, and brokerage firm catering to entrepreneurs in the carwash, gas station, and convenience store industries across the United States. They pride themselves on being "the trusted partner every operator needs by their side," something their clients know well, given that 60% of their business comes from repeat clients.

Recognizing the need for a long-term strategy that successfully amplifies their customer-centric flywheel, the PetroCal team desired to migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot, launch a new website, and fortify inbound marketing through automation, dynamic content, and nurturing strategies.

60 %
1,200 %
2,700 %

CHALLENGE High standards for high-stakes $1M+ deals.

Dorielle & Reuven Birnkrant, Co-owners at PetroCal Associates, bring a high standard of excellence to their customer-centric operations. Instrumental was challenged to build a multi-platform HubSpot machine that could replicate that standard, mindfully approaching all aspects of the customer and back-end experience.

  • Migrating hard & soft data from Salesforce
  • Inefficient system for lean team
  • Outdated website not reflective of brand
  • Lack of inbound strategy
  • Lack of keyword strategy for qualified traffic
  • Lack of SMEs available to create content
  • Lack of reporting & visibility
  • Lost potential to reach target market
  • Inability to set growth goals without benchmark data

GOALS Unlocking HubSpot's full potential

PetroCal Associates' Dorielle & Reuven sought to grow their business despite macroeconomic factors in their sector as interest rates soared, impacting their product pricing in ways they couldn't fully control.

Success would be defined by the ability to attract and convert highly qualified leads through organic channels and close deals more efficiently and effectively through a streamlined sales process. 

  • Reinvent the website and increase findability
  • Sophisticate marketing to attract, convert, and qualify leads
  • Streamline the sales process to increase opportunities and win rates

SOLUTION A HubSpot-centered full-funnel journey.

To address the multifaceted challenges faced by PetroCal Associates, we implemented a multi-hub solution using HubSpot's Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and CMS Hub. This integrated platform enabled a seamless flow of data and streamlined the entire customer journey. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our approach:

Platform Growth Strategy Development

  • Personas & customer journey strategy
  • Targeting & messaging strategy
  • Workflows & nurturing automation
  • Conversion path implementation
  • Keyword strategy leveraging HubSpot SEO
  • Website redesign & CRM integration
  • Prioritizing high-quality leads
  • Full-funnel reporting

Sales Hub Implementation

Pipeline Management: We migrated all data from Salesforce (SFDC) to HubSpot, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in operations. The sales pipeline was organized to enhance visibility and efficiency.

Lead Rotation and Qualification: To optimize lead management, we implemented a robust lead rotation system. 

Marketing Hub Implementation

Lifecycle Stages Documentation: Standardized lifecycle stages and lead status within HubSpot, including workflows that consistently handled leads at different stages of the sales funnel.

Content and Social Media: Regular blog posts, landing pages, and social media posts were published to maintain a steady stream of inbound traffic.

Automation: Marketing automation was set up to nurture leads through personalized email campaigns, segmented based on their interactions and behaviors. 

CMS Hub Implementation

Website Redesign: We completed a website redesign project, updating branding, UI/UX, rich content for search engines, and goal-based conversions.

SEO and Web Optimization: Optimized PetroCal’s website for search with best practices for on-page SEO,  improving site speed and mobile responsiveness.

RESULTS Dialing up the heat across the funnel

Because PetroCal engaged with Instrumental to grow across all areas of their business using HubSpot, we were able to hone in on metrics across stages of the funnel to leverage growth in the next stages, building off the previous stage's success. The detailed outcomes are as follows:

Explosive Website Growth

  • Overall Traffic: a 38.5% increase in overall web traffic, with significant year-over-year improvements in both new sessions (96.6%) and mobile traffic (358.9%)​​.
  • Landing Pages: a 55.4% rise in views, a 1400% increase in contacts, and a 2700% rise in submissions

Skyrocketing Lead Production

  • Inbound Leads: a 1200% increase in inbound leads. The number of leads generated through organic search saw substantial growth, contributing to the overall increase in qualified leads.
  • Conversion Rates: a 90.1% increase in sessions, with new visitors continuing to grow, indicating successful outreach and engagement strategies​.

Impactful Sales Performance

  • Deals Created and Closed: number of deals created increased by 60.4%, while the deal close rate also improved during this period. The average deal size saw a significant increase, particularly in the finance sector.
  • Sales Cycle Efficiency: The reduction in sales cycle length was notable, with the streamlined workflows and automated processes enabling faster deal closures and improved sales efficiency.

IMPACT Dorielle speaks to the profound impact of partnership.

"We left Salesforce for a more user-friendly platform (HubSpot) that could house our sales and marketing efforts all in one, with easy automation to help support our small team. Instrumental helped us get there, and they're helping us take it to the next level."

Dorielle Binkrant

COO & CMO, PetroCal Associates
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