Dermatology Practice leverages HubSpot's Marketing HUB to improve compliance and automate communication

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This story features a complex enterprise implementation of HubSpot.

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Anne Arundel uses HubSpot's Dynamic Email Template to automate muti-brand email communication.

OVERVIEW Anne Arundel chooses HubSpot Enterprise Marketing, reinvents email campaigns.

Anne Arundel's small marketing team was looking for help improving communication with their patients and the management of their centralized database. With 60 individual locations and 100,000+ contacts, their needs were complicated by the need to originate communication from 34 different brands.

Previously using MailChimp with hours of manual work per brand and location, they wanted to reinvent their digital marketing efforts without sacrificing compliance, privacy, and brand integrity.

You’ll learn how Anne Arundel Dermatology onboarded HubSpot Enterprise Marketing, implemented a highly-segmented database, addressed HIPAA concerns by protecting sensitive patient information, and managed communication with a dynamic email template that made multi-brand, multi-location communication a snap.

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CHALLENGE A small marketing team with limited resources frustrated and bogged down by their tools and processes to serve their patients.

With a growing base of locations and brands, their marketing team's time was being stretched thin by a massive amount of manual entry each month. The state of their marketing platform and assets were out of date, over-complicated, and modernization was long overdue. 

  • Each of their 34 brands spread across 60 locations had to have its own set of email templates.
  • The email templates they had were stale and outdated, affecting deliverability and engagement.
  • Their contacts weren't organized as well as they'd like, causing errors with list association to each of the 3 emails per month sent for each brand/location.
  • They had no way of cloning recurring email communication.
  • Web form fills did map to their contact database, requiring manual entry into MailChimp.
  • Forms were open to patients sharing private health information.

GOALS Build intelligent marketing automation in HubSpot with dynamic email automation and compliant communication.

Anne Arundel desperately wanted to improve their ability to serve their patients and reduce the amount of time they spent managing communication. 

They needed a solution to make their email communication more efficient while increasing deliverability and engagement. They needed to drive more patient engagement for all locations without having to add more internal team members. Ideally, they wanted HubSpot to help them achieve a set of goals including:

  • Untangling years of sprawling records and assets
  • Reduce manual labor of creating and sending monthly promotional emails
  • Reduce time spent on administration and hygiene
  • Reinvent core assets for ease of use and replication
  • Modernize and refresh marketing creative
  • Improve email deliverability and patient engagement
  • Capture new leads without putting the organization at risk for exposing sensitive health information

SOLUTION A dynamic HubSpot migration & configuration strategy.

Onboarding HubSpot

Our first priority was completing onboarding requirements. The Instrumental team completed global settings, landing page theme migration, master email template migration, global styling, and team setup swiftly. Training their marketing team was next, with a sequence of 3 dedicated software training calls that covered priorities, homework, and operational training for the Marketing Enterprise Hub.

Dynamic Email Template

We leveraged HubDB and custom objects to create a single master email template for three different promotional email formats. The database logic allowed each email to automatically populate the brand elements and location information at the time of origination. This was the life-saver for Crystal, saving her more than 40 hours per month in manual email creation. 

Fresh New Designs

Our team leveraged the new master email template theme to reinvent their email designs. The fresh new look accounted for modern email clients and mobile devices. Our team redesigned templates with improved deliverability and better previews with the strategic bet that this would encourage more patients to click through and learn about their various offers.

HIPAA-friendly Data Capture

Each of their brands had WordPress websites with many contact forms. Our role was to recreate each form, and their team would then embed them in place of the existing forms. The big priority was cleaning up the fields to ensure the forms didn’t share sensitive information. All open text fields were replaced by drop-down select, addressing HIPAA concerns through controlling available information to share. Our team also configured the forms to decrease manual effort by automatically populating the dynamic lists in HubSpot. 

MailChimp Record Migration

Next, we exported their contact records into .CSV files. After removing duplicates, enriching field data from their EHR software, and reorganizing them into lists by brand and location, we imported directly into new HubSpot Dynamic Lists. A new naming and foldering convention allowed Crystal to quickly and accurately locate and associate lists with emails.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We supported their performance goals by setting up Campaigns to track performance. This support included a series of workflows for each monthly promotion. Each campaign was managed directly by Crystal, empowering her to be organized, on time, and ensure proper timing.

RESULTS Decreased manual effort. Improved performance.

35+% Increase in Email Open Rate

AAD email open performance - 90 day rolling 121322
37+% Increase in Email Click Through Rate
AAD email click performance - 90 day rolling 121322

The Anne Arundel team felt empowered to produce more with less after the project. After migrating into HubSpot, they achieved the following results:

  • Successfully sent 130 emails to over 2 million recipients
  • Engaged over 33,000 contacts with email-targeted campaigns
  • Achieved a 99.66% delivery rate
  • Endured only a .45% unsubscribe rate
  • Incurred a lowly .02% spam report rate
  • Increased email open rates by 35.48%
  • Increased email click-through rates by 37.63%

IMPACT Organizational impact beyond the metrics. Hear from Katina Charles.

Moving to Hubspot changed the way in which we communicate with our patients and internal teams. Internally we can communicate expected delivery dates of communication to patients in a centralized manner. Externally patients are engaging with our content like never before. We are learning so much more about our patient base and ways in which they like to receive communication. Patient bookings, email engagement is at an all-time high! We are confident our 2023 Marketing Campaigns will be impactful."

Katina Charles

Senior Digital Marketing Manager | Anne Arundel Dermatology
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