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Writing Blogs with the help of HubSpot’s AI Assistant

Writing website content has always been a struggle for me. I don't consider myself a strong writer, and the process is time-consuming. But things have changed dramatically in SEO and content marketing, and the growth of AI tools makes creating content easier than ever. It's not about AI replacing writers; it's about streamlining the writing process. Let's use HubSpot's AI Assistant to illustrate!  (Note: You'll need Marketing Hub Pro or Enterprise).

First, log in to HubSpot and go to Marketing > Website > Blog. 

Click the "Generate blog post" button (next to Create and Analyze).

For this demo, we'll focus on getting content ready; working with your SEO/content teams could further optimize this process. If you don’t have a team, that's okay, let us help you out

Next, describe your desired blog topic in a few sentences (include keywords). Choose your target country and blog. HubSpot's AI will generate title suggestions, along with keyword data (volume, difficulty, intent) powered by SEMRush. Choose your title and move on.

Now, you can adjust the blog's outline. HubSpot provides five heading suggestions as a starting point (you can add more). Click "Generate Blog Post" and watch the AI craft your content!


Important: Always proofread before publishing. Any content, even AI-assisted, needs quality control to catch errors and ensure it aligns with your brand voice.