What is Hubspot Operations Hub and Why Does it Matter to Enterprises?

Broken systems and silos are the death knell of scaling companies, from small businesses to established enterprise companies. As companies scale operations, they are forced to deal with the challenges of siloed data and disparate systems, and ultimately, efficiency decreases.

HubSpot's Operations Hub centers operations, allowing you to automate processes, clean and organize customer data, and connect the apps you rely on to run your business.

If you're looking to scale and sustain your business the right way, Operations Hub is a secret weapon to keep your operations running efficiently through a centralized platform.

 This winning product from HubSpot includes programmable automation, data sync, data curation, and data quality tools — all powered by HubSpot’s CRM platform.

What if your business could have one unified view of every customer interaction?

What if your sales teams were empowered to deliver friction-free customer experiences?
With Operations Hub, you can deliver service in a way not possible before this fully customizable tool.


Here's a short video with more about our Operations Hub:


Three Main Operations Hub Features

With Operations Hub, there is so much to be excited about. It's less of a "product add-on" and more like connecting a battery to your phone that would last a year! Operations Hub has three main features that are vital to customizing the HubSpot experience for your team: 

  • 1: Data Sync: Take advantage of 2-way real-time sync with tons of apps out of the box. With syncing every 5 minutes, you know your data can be a powerful source of truth in both HubSpot and your connected apps. In addition, with the paid starter edition, you can add custom field mappings.
  • 2: Data Quality Automation: How would you like clean data in mere clicks, not hours? One of the most useful features of Operations Hub is the ability to automatically format your data. For example, if someone fills out a form and doesn't capitalize their name, Operations Hub will fix that before you send your automated email that includes their First Name token!
  • 3: Programmable Automation:  Have you ever worked with an automated workflow and said to yourself, "I would love it if this could just do (fill in the blank)". Now that blank can be filled with by Operations Hub! With the ability to build your own workflow and custom actions with custom code in Javascript, your dreams can become a reality.

    Check out the tutorial below to see Operations Hub in action:


The Possibilities Are Endless, But Here Are a Few To Get You Started

  • Data Sync + Data Quality Automation: Sync "dirty" data into HubSpot, sync cleaned data back out to external apps.
  • Data Quality Automation + Marketing Hub: You can standardize name capitalization before sending emails and format date/time properties by region. 
  • Programmable Automation + Sales Hub: You could initiate a weighted lead rotation or automatically set an expiration or renewal date for example.
  • Programmable Automation + Service Hub: You could create advanced ticket routing and prioritization. Always get the right answer to become a superstar for your clients.

We Can Help You Create A Massive Success Story

Maximize your outcomes with Operations Hub by working with a team of HubSpot experts to strategize, build, and maintain your processes, data, and connected apps. Instrumental Group will set you up for success by positioning you to make the right moves, maximize ROI, and see results sooner.

If you think it's time to evaluate enterprise automation and the impact it has on your company’s future, reach out to us and set yourself up for success with a full understanding of HubSpot's Operations Hub. We'll provide you with an objective assessment of HubSpot's Operations Hub and its fit for your organization, and provide a roadmap for success.

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