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Take Advantage of the New MultiPay Functionality: 3 Ideas to Get You Started

As we mentioned in previous blogs, we’ve been busy cooking up new MultiPay for HubSpot features to make sure you get the most out of our application. And have we got great news for you today!


Out of the new MultiPay functions we’ve built, this one stands out: the ability to post your payment links on your website!


What does this mean exactly? Imagine a handy dandy “Buy Now!” button where multiple buyers can convert. This one-to-many functionality opens up all kinds of possibilities for streamlining your paths to purchase. 


Conveniently, a Deal record is created for each transaction. When configuring the payment link in the settings, you’ll have the ability to determine which Pipeline and Stage that Deal will appear in. 


To help you get started brainstorming all the ways you might be able to use this new feature, we’ve put together a list of ideas of how we see this being useful:


Make it easy to enroll in your online courses

If your company offers courses or you are an instructor yourself, this new functionality is for you, because the days of having to ask for payment receipts to confirm the purchase are in the past. Now, just by inserting your payment link on the landing page of your course or webinar you can simplify the payment process.


  • Embed the payment link on your landing page
  • Web visitors click on that link
  • They make the payment and receive confirmation
  • The information is recorded in a HubSpot Deal.


Piece of cake, right? In just a matter of minutes, your clients will be able to enroll in the course of their choice.


ideas for embed payment links with multipay


Help your customers get that ebook in seconds


Do you sell ebooks? Would you like your customers to be able to purchase the trendiest ebook on your website without having to go through a complicated purchase process? Imagine this:


  • You place the payment link on your website highlighting the most relevant ebook of the week.
  • Enthusiastic readers click on that link.
  • They pay and receive the ebook.
  • Contact information is automatically routed to HubSpot so your customers can be fed with more information on new ebooks they might like.


All with just a few clicks!


Sell ​​your Software easily!


With MultiPay you can make it very easy to sell your products, especially digital ones such as paid software.


  • Insert the payment link on the website of your Software.
  • Customers just have to click on it to pay.
  • Upon payment, they can be redirected to the page of your choice.
  • They get access to the software and all the information they give you will go directly to your HubSpot portal as a Deal.
  • You’ll be able to send them information about software updates and other bits of news that might be relevant to them. 

multipay new features


Remember that with this version of MultiPay, we've added new functions for your payment links:


Function #1: once your buyer completes the payment for a particular Deal, the link will be deactivated.


Function #2: You can now view all the details of the payment your buyer has completed on the Deal card.


Did you like these ideas on how to use MultiPay? Instrumental Apps is committed to providing the necessary tools for you and your team to be successful in HubSpot. Don't forget to check out our other apps.


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