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10 Tips To Help Increase Your SEO Rankings

Just Starting Out? Here's an SEO Services Checklist to Help Guide Your Search Engine Optimization for Outdoor Companies

Most of us don't start out our first-time outdoor adventure with a weeks long camping, hiking, rafting or cyling trip. We start out with some small outings to begin to learn and grow our adventure time from these humble beginnings. As we are starting and advancing, one tool that is really helpful is a checklist.

It's no different if you are a start-up in the outdoor industry segment. Search engine ranking is important, growing your results can lead to valuable new visits to your website. If you would like to see better results but aren't ready to hire an outside source to help with SEO for outdoor brands, here is some useful advice to guide your outdoor company SEO campaigns. Below are 10 simple tips by our SEO team that you can do on your own to help increase your rankings. 

GC-summer-pack-list.pngChecklist courtesy of Jim Moss,
  1. Put more than just a couple of paragraphs of content on each page on your website. Shoot for at least 350 words per page (try for 500) and be sure to write relative material.
  2. Periodically update your website content. Tweaking your page content lets search engines know that your website is not old and stagnant.
  3. Write blogs.  Write at least a blog post every month. Let people and search engines know that you’re productive and in the game. We suggest publishing once per week at minimum and try to publish at least 20 articles per month.
  4. Become active on social networks and forums. Ask and answer questions- make a name for yourself!
  5. Write guest articles. There are many places to post articles about your industry, such as:,  
  6. Keep up with the changes! Search engines are changing their algorithms and updates regularly. Be on the lookout for Google’s articles outlining their algorithm changes.
  7. Don't bold your keywords. Bolding or italicizing your keyword phrases on each page used to help search engines know which words you want to target. Now, it's worth than worthless, it's detrimental to your goals. Don't do it! Bold and italicize for emphasis with your readers, not for search engines.
  8. Internal linking. Make your website easy for search engines to navigate through by linking to other pages on your website. Search engines love this!
  9. External linking. Make your website accessible by posting links on other websites. The more relevant the website, the better!
  10. Put your business on the map. List your business on Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, and all others. This can help locals find you. 

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Follow these simple steps and you'll be sure to improve your rankings. If you're looking for a more advanced approach to SEO services look us up, we'd love to help.

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