Finally: Sales Commission Tracking in HubSpot

Being a sales leader for over 30 years, I have learned one indisputable fact:

Salespeople place a high value on knowing their commission.

In an ideal world, a salesperson would understand and accurately know their commission structure. A sales leader could articulate it in detail, use it to motivate the team, and finance could easily pay it out when due. The fact is that it rarely works like that. Spreadsheets are all too common to track commission, which are cumbersome and often inaccurate. On the other hand, getting a custom solution is costly and you could end up paying too much depending on your team's size.

As a leading HubSpot partner, we at Instrumental Group enjoy tackling struggles like these using HubSpot's exceptional capabilities. Our in-house specialists work tirelessly to find solutions where none exist. Learn about what we found that will help you simplify commission tracking like we did...

Ditch the Dreaded Spreadsheet

Most companies use a spreadsheet to track commission when they don’t have a budget for a high-end software solution. This is almost universally not tied to other data in HubSpot.

The result is manual entry and several points of failure to chase down if commissions are wrong. Do records match? Was the data entry in error? Did finance enter something incorrectly? 

The hard truth is the more data points you have in a manual process, the more errors are likely to show up and be hard to track down to ensure payment is correct.

Remember - this is someone’s paycheck. This has to be right!

Our team is always innovating and working hard for our client’s needs. It was during an internal evaluation of existing software that we decided to create our own commission system inside HubSpot that could fulfill this issue.

Custom HubSpot Commission Tracking Solution 

The solution we created works for us, and it can work for your company too. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of with sales commission tracking in HubSpot:

  • All sales information is consolidated and tracked within HubSpot
  • Can be customized to fit your framework (Ops Hub may be required for some customizations)
  • Reporting is available right inside HubSpot for Reps, Sales Leaders, and Finance
  • Commissions are connected to deal records for easy tracking
  • There's a one-time fee to customize instead of ongoing monthly fees

Other solutions just could not “bend” the way we needed to with our unique payment structure. Having commissions tracked in HubSpot has been a game changer, and has saved us countless hours compared to using spreadsheets on a monthly basis.

Want to learn more? Read our full article comparing the best sales commission tracking options here.

Feel welcome to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific situation!