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Introducing MultiPay for HubSpot: LatAm Customers Can Now Collect Payments

In the digital age, streamlining the path to purchase is important. Before HubSpot Payments, getting paid required a lot of time and energy, creating friction at various stages of the process. 


Buyers had to go through a long series of steps just to complete a payment. It could take up to 30 days!


With the arrival of HubSpot Payments, the game changed for good. Now you can transform your customers' shopping experience with payment links managed directly from your HubSpot CRM.


Already familiar with HubSpot Payments?

In order to improve the buying experience of B2B customers, HubSpot developed its own tool, HubSpot Payments, to simplify the buying and selling experience.


With HubSpot Payments, customers can buy and pay directly from your website, an email, or chat sessions. 


This function introduced the ability to build custom products, create subscriptions, and embed the payment experience into landing pages. Ultimately, it enables you to get paid faster with digital payments.


Unfortunately, most of its functions aren’t yet available in Latin America



MultiPay for HubSpot

With this in mind, Instrumental Apps set out to provide Latin America with the opportunity to leverage the Payments experience. That’s why we created MultiPay for HubSpot


While HubSpot Payments is only available to customers doing business in USD, MultiPay allows HubSpot customers in Latin America to get paid faster in their local currency in a way that is nearly native and very convenient.  


LATAM regions can now use Mercado Pago as their payment service provider!

So, what exactly is MultiPay?

MultiPay for HubSpot


MultiPay is a new tool that allows you to connect your payment service provider to generate payment links from a Deal record. These links can be sent directly to customers to make the buying process easy and seamless! And yes, it can be used outside the US! 


Know the benefits!

  • Get paid by your customers faster
  • Customers can pay anywhere with their preferred devices! 
  • Refund or revoke payments if needed
  • In-app experience, no separate login required


Also, the transaction information is centralized with the rest of the customer’s data inside HubSpot.


Regardless of your line of business, MultiPay will help your business receive payments instantly. Still wondering how you could use MultiPay for your business?


👉 Check out these 3 use cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which payment service providers are currently supported by MultiPay for HubSpot?

Today, MultiPay only supports MercadoPago for the LatAm market, but we are working hard to bring additional options onto our app.


  • Which currencies are supported by MultiPay for HubSpot?

Currently, MultiPay supports any currency that MercadoPago supports, including:  “ARS”,“Peso argentino”, “BOB”,“Boliviano”, “MXN”,“Peso Mexicano”, “USD”,“Dólar”, “EUR”,“Euro”, and more.


  • How much does MultiPay cost?

We charge a fee of $149 USD monthly. There are discounts for annual subscriptions. 


  • If I have technical issues creating a payment link, who should I contact?

As a customer, you have access to our technical support team should you run into any issues. We’d also love to hear your feedback if there are ways we can improve the app!


  • How many days do I have to make a refund?

You have 180 days to issue a refund.

Don't wait any longer, access your 14-day free trial and start saving time for your business and customers with MultiPay for HubSpot.


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