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MultiPay for HubSpot: 3 Use Cases to Inspire You

When HubSpot Payments was first launched in beta, we were super excited. This new functionality spurred so many ideas about how our agency just might be able to make the payment process easier for our customers and collect payments faster for our business. A streamlined path to purchase is critical to the buyer’s journey and it’s important for the seller’s productivity. 

Before HubSpot Payments, even our agency’s simplest repeat engagements required: 

  1. Creating a HubSpot Deal
  2. Creating a proposal in PandaDoc from a template
  3. Getting the proposal approved 
  4. Sending the prospective buyer a link
  5. Getting a signature
  6. Sharing the completed contract with Accounting
  7. Sending an invoice

With the new ability to create payment links, the process for completing a simple repeat engagement was adjusted to include: 

  1. Creating a HubSpot Deal
  2. Creating a HubSpot Quote with the necessary Product and Payments enabled
  3. Email the Quote directly to the prospective buyer
  4. Buyer opens Quote and completes the payment

Since then, we’ve also created payment links that can be posted to a web page and completed multiple times, like in the case of a subscription to a software application. 

We’ve realized the value of being able to create and track payment links inside of HubSpot, so we wanted to extend that functionality to folks in Latin America where native HubSpot Payments is not yet available. 

We created MultiPay for HubSpot. And to inspire you to find your own way to use it, we’re sharing three different use cases that we see so far. 

Use Case #1: Payment Links for Service Agencies

For B2B businesses like accounting firms, law offices, consulting firms, or marketing agencies, the ability to send a payment link along with the engagement contract could be very beneficial. 

Imagine if all your team has to do is: 

  1. Create a Deal
  2. Create a payment link
  3. Paste the payment link into the contract or the email
  4. Get paid! 

How might this make things easier for your customers? How much time could that save your organization from an administrative standpoint? How might this impact your cash flow? 

Use Case #2: Payment Links for Real Estate Businesses

For many different types of vendors in the real estate industry, there is a need to collect fees or deposits to secure property or services. Traditional methods may involve some kind of process like this: 

  1. Communicate with potential buyer over the phone or email
  2. Send an invoice
  3. Buyer gets in their car to drive to their bank to get cash
  4. Buyer then drives to your office or your bank to deliver the cash
  5. You may need to drive to the bank then to deposit the cash

How much simpler would it be for everybody involved if you could just send your buyer a payment link where they pay online and nobody has to drive anywhere? The funds are taken directly from their bank and deposited into your bank, saving precious time and energy.  

Use Case #3: Payment Links for Educational Institution Enrollments

As a prestigious educational institution, your goal is to get students enrolled into your programs. Your success depends on filling the seats. If you simplified the process for completing the payment for enrollment, how much easier would your success come? 

Take a look at the current process for collecting the enrollment fee: 

  1. You send prospective student or their parent a request for the fee
  2. Student or parent gets in the car to drive to their bank to get cash
  3. Student or parent then drives to your bank to deposit the cash

This requires a lot of energy and time. Compare that with a much simpler solution you can offer with MultiPay: 

  1. You send the prospective student or their parent a request for the fee along with a payment link
  2. Student or parent clicks the link and completes the purchase with their credit card

🌟 Bonus: the payment status and transaction info are stored in HubSpot along with all the contact's other information and history! 

If you're unsure whether the MultiPay app could be helpful for you, check out our 14-day free trial to test the waters! Or reach out with questions that you might have to We'd be happy to help you think through your use case.