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Meet Migratr, Our Brand New Data Migration Tool!

Data migration is the process of moving all of our stored information from one system to another. This is a key factor for the implementation and consolidation of any system and is usually done in an automated way.

Want to switch to an intuitive and easy-to-use like HubSpot CRM but don't know how to migrate your data from Salesforce? Let us introduce you to Migratr, the newest tool from Instrumental Apps!

We know that the whole data migration process is tedious and time-consuming; selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data and transferring it… it can be really overwhelming.

So we built an easier solution for you.

Get to know Migratr

Migratr is a tool that will allow you to easily migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot (we plan to include other CRMs and help desk platforms in the future).

Currently, you can enjoy these services with Migratr:

  • Standard object migration with field-based data
  • Engagements migration with attachments (Calls, Emails, Meetings)
  • Migration of customer support tickets (Cases)

What exactly can I migrate with Migratr?

Below is a list of guaranteed objects that you can migrate with our tool.

  • Pipelines
  • Users
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Deals
  • Tasks
  • Emails
  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Files
  • Salesforce Cases
  • Products
  • Associations to engagement objects

Why migrate to HubSpot?

HubSpot's CRM is smart and easy to use, plus it includes all the unique core functionality of HubSpot that you won't find in other CRMs. Its most important features are managing contacts, deals, and tasks.

HubSpot's CRM gives you everything you need to organize, monitor, and nurture relationships with your leads and customers

How does Migratr work?

Our goal is to minimize the lift on you and your team to get this job done. We've simplified our years of experience into the following flow:

First, you'll schedule a meeting with us to review your requirements. We'll need you to authorize your platforms with our tool which takes just a few seconds.

Then, we will get a total count of the records to migrate to provide you with a quote. You'll have a chance to review and sign the quote, which will officially kick off our migration.

We'll then have you complete a field mapping worksheet so that our tool knows where to put the data in HubSpot as we pull it out of Salesforce. We've included dozens of standard field mappings to help speed up this process.

Once this worksheet is complete, we'll start the data migration and monitor the entire process.  Then, we'll QA carefully when it's done. You can also review the data during this time if you'd like. Finally, we'll perform a delta migration to capture any changes to the data that occurred after our initial migration and close out with one final QA review.

At this point, you and your team can begin operating out of HubSpot confidently (and efficiently!).

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Are there any limitations?

There are a few current limitations of Migratr that we plan to address in the coming months with new releases. Here they are:

  1. We can only work with brand-new instances of HubSpot that have not yet been populated with any data. 
  2. This portal must not have any previous installation or configuration with another migration tool.
  3. We are only able to migrate attachments that are associated with engagement objects like emails. We cannot migrate and associate files attached directly to the Contact, Company, Deal, or Ticket objects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

> Is Migratr an application or a service?

Technically, it's both. We've developed a tool for internal use only at this point. This tool resulted from our experience performing dozens of migrations over the years. We want to refine it further for external use eventually. However, we want to provide you with the best user experience. Due to the volume of information in CRM systems, it can be very risky to perform a migration yourself. So, we will continue to offer to do it for you, even in the future. 

> Can I migrate my data from Salesforce?

Yes, salesforce is currently one of the most complicated CRMs to export data from. We figured we'd "eat the frog" as they say and use what we've learned to build connections with less complicated applications faster.

> How should I know how many records I have?

By authenticating your Salesforce via our application, we can run our record-counting tool to give you an accurate picture of all the object and engagement records.

> What is a Delta Migration?

During the period it will take us to migrate and close your Salesforce account, your team may still be working out of Salesforce updating and inputting new important data. The data change that occurs after the initial migration is called the delta. We want to be sure that we preserve all of it, so we perform a delta migration before officially cutting over.

> What is the base price for the service of this tool?

The base price of Migratr is $3,500 and includes the migration of 500,000 records. If you have more, it is $300 per 100,000 additional records.

Do you want to start migrating your data today? Schedule a meeting with one of our directors now. We would love to help you.
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