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Get to Know the New MultiPay Features!

At Instrumental Apps, we're always looking to make it easier for HubSpot users to experience their portal, so we're constantly adding new features for MultiPay.

This time, we have added new features to MultiPay that will allow you to get more out of your MercadoPago and HubSpot accounts:


One-to-many payment links

You can now create payment links that can be used once or several times. Once customers pay you will be able to see all those payments converted into Deals within the Pipeline that you have specified when creating the payment link.


We also improve your Deals by allowing you to view the payment links that you have associated with that Deal and also the transactions of those payments.


create payment links with hubspot


New CRM cards for your Deals

We added two CRM cards to your Deals, with one of them you can create payment links so that your customers pay for that Deal, the link will be deactivated once the customer pays.


On the second card you will be able to view the details of the payment that has been made to you, if it has been rejected or approved.

multipay for hubspot new features

Awesome, right? Also make sure to read the release notes of this version of MultiPay.

👉 In this blog you will find some ideas for this new functionality and how they can boost your website to achieve faster sales.


We invite you to use MultiPay, the new tool that will allow you to complete deals in a matter of minutes. Get your free trial now!


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