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Duplicate Deals in HubSpot Easily With This New App

Duplicating deals in HubSpot can be a time-consuming process, and it’s easy to mess up your data if you aren’t careful or are in a hurry. Creating a duplicate deal manually can be tedious. Imagine having to do it multiple times a day. If you’re using HubSpot, you likely rely on managing Deals for your business. Now there’s an easier way to clone deals with Deal Duplicator for HubSpot by Instrumental apps, which works seamlessly with HubSpot.

An easy way to quickly clone Deals in HubSpot 

This app lets you clone any Deal from within the HubSpot interface, saving you time and preventing mistakes. 

You can install Deal Duplicator from within the Sales section of your admin portal. 

It’s a simple tool, and it offers an easy way to quickly clone Deals when any step in the workflow happens, instead of duplicating it one by one so that you don’t have to waste time manually inputting dozens of properties or run the risk of making errors between records.

Take advantage of Deal Duplicator’s cloning services

In just three easy steps, you can start using Deal Duplicator for HubSpot and save time in duplicating your deals in a multi-pipeline strategy, like recurring revenue organizations and strategies to build a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

  1. Connect: Authorize Deal Duplicator through HubSpot in seconds.
  2. Select: Choose Free to duplicate your deals manually, or the Pro version to get automation features.
  3. Duplicate: Choose the deals you want to clone and start saving time.

"The Deal Duplicator Add-On for HubSpot has been a game-changer. It helps me expedite my pipeline and increase my efficiency." - Jennifer Fuqua 💬

Jarrard, Inc. 

How does Deal Duplicator for HubSpot work? 

With Deal Duplicator for HubSpot, users can also choose to copy Products associated with the deal, which is important to a lot of organizations.

Just connect Deal Duplicator for HubSpot to your CRM and clone from one pipeline to another. You can do it manually with the Free version or automatically with Pro.

  • Choose the pipeline deal you want to duplicate and select the widget.
  • Select whether you want to clone the deal manually or automatically.

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Deal Duplicator for HubSpot 2.0, now including automation rules that allow you to set the stage.  

By selecting the option to clone automatically, you will be able to predetermine a series of rules for the app to follow from now on. 

Determine the rules in which a deal should be cloned automatically, and that's it! 

In summary, with Deal Duplicator you can: 

  • Create a new automation rule
  • Select the pipeline and stage condition of the source deal
  • Select the pipeline and stage of the duplicate Deal
  • When the condition is met, the Deal will duplicate where you want it

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Deal Duplicator: A real-time saver for HubSpot users

As a regular user of HubSpot, you’re going to love Deal Duplicator! 💙

This app will save you time and will improve your productivity when it comes to creating new deals in HubSpot. 

Also, a cloned deal can appear in multiple HubSpot pipelines at the same time. There will be no link between these Deals, so they will be treated as separate objects.

"We were manually creating deals for future renewals of things, and it was time-consuming and cumbersome to obtain consistency across deals. With this widget, we are able to “clone” deals with 2 clicks!" - Leah Bagley 💬


Instrumental apps: Specialized in HubSpot

At Instrumental apps, we have a mission to help companies grow with creativity and talent specialized in HubSpot's technological tools.

We are prepared to guide you and take advantage of all the power of HubSpot. 

You can start today to enjoy the benefits of Deal Duplicator in your daily operation with HubSpot.

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