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Migratr for HubSpot

Get your Salesforce or Pipedrive data into your new HubSpot environment quickly and seamlessly.

Your data, your way!

Moving to HubSpot shouldn't mean sacrificing the data that you've spent months and years building up in your old Salesforce instance. 

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Keep your engagement data like calls, emails, and meetings

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Get your team up and running in HubSpot faster

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Be clear about exactly what you're paying for

White glove service.

At a reasonable cost. Here's what we will take off your plate:

  •  Object and field mappings
  • Migration of standard object data like Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities
  • Migration of engagement data like Notes, Calls, Emails, Meetings, Tasks, and Attachments
  • QA of the final state for accuracy and completeness
  • Optionally, we can offer data cleansing services

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Meet with one of our experts to discuss your specific needs.


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Connect our app to your CRMs so we can move your data.


Final QA & Approve

Review the migrated data and confirm accuracy & completeness


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find yours, just drop us an email at apps@instrumental.net

Which CRMs are currently supported by Migratr for HubSpot?

Today, Migratr syncs Salesforce and Pipedrive data into HubSpot. 

What happens to my original data when a migration is run?

We keep your data in place and only create a copy of the data to send to HubSpot. 

How much will a migration cost me?

Our migrations start at $3,500 and are based on your record count; we will come up with a plan to cover everything you need in our consultation.

How long does it take to complete a migration?

It currently takes about two weeks from start to finish which includes field mappings, migration, and QA.

What kind of data can be migrated?

Standard objects like Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities as well as engagement data like emails, calls, notes, tasks, meetings, and attachments. 

Will I be able to do a delta migration?

We currently cannot support delta migrations which means all the data must be migrated at once.

How do you guarantee that all my information has been migrated?

We run a review on the number of records migrated by each type and compare those numbers to the original data set.