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Deal Duplicator
for HubSpot

Version 2.0, now including automation rules and a redesigned interface (without needing Marketing Pro!).

Deal Duplicator for HubSpot

Version 2.0, now including automation rules and a redesigned interface (without needing Marketing Pro!).

New look, new features!

Besides giving you the ability to duplicate deals in your HubSpot pipeline on a 1:1 basis, we've added the ability to create automation rules to make the system do it for you!

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What does it do?

It allows you to seamlessly duplicate an existing deal so that you don't have to waste time manually inputting dozens of properties or run the risk of making errors between records. 

Set the stage and automate.

Think IFTTT. If This, Then That.

  • Create a new automation rule
  • Select the pipeline and stage condition of the source deal
  • Select the pipeline and stage of the duplicate deal
  • When the condition is met, the deal will duplicate where you want it

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  • Single user, single HubSpot instance
  • Manual process for duplicating deal records
  • Ability to assign new Pipeline and Deal Stage
  • Ability to copy Products
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find yours, just drop us an email at

Is it possible to duplicate deals in HubSpot?

Yes, with Instrumental's Deal Duplicator. Just install the app in minutes and have the app do it for you. The app allows you to duplicate manually, even from one pipeline to another, or you can set rules to have the app do it automatically when a condition is met.

Will Deal Duplicator interfere with HubSpot workflows?

Not at all. HubSpot automation is done separately and it will react to our app's automation as if a user had duplicated the deal.

What HubSpot property and info fields can be cloned from this widget?

All HubSpot Deal properties and their values will be cloned to the new Deal. However, any custom fields that were created by third-party apps will not be duplicated.

Any associations that exist with other objects like Contacts or Companies will also be preserved. Lastly, you have the option to also carry forward any Products associated with the Deal.

Will all emails, notes, calls, and activities get cloned too?

Engagements from the original Deal activity timeline are not duplicated to the new Deal. 

Can a cloned Deal appear in different HubSpot pipelines at the same time?

Yes, a cloned Deal can appear in multiple HubSpot pipelines at the same time. There will be no systematic link between these Deals, so they need to be treated as separate objects.

Will I have access to technical support after installing this widget?

As a customer, you have access to our technical support team should you run into any issues. We’d also love to hear your feedback if there are ways we can improve the app!

Is it necessary to have Marketing Pro license in order to install Deal Duplicator?

No, Marketing Pro is not required to take advantage of the benefits of this widget.

How many associated objects can I have on a Deal that I want to duplicate?

Deal Duplicator can clone a Deal with up to 100 associated Contacts, Companies, Tickets, and Line Items. This limit is per object type.

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