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How would you like to be a HubSpot Trendsetter?

We're looking for HubSpot enthusiasts and users seeking to expand their HubSpot capabilities with a completely free beta program!

What can I expect as a tester?

Early access to new functionalities
Be the first to try out cutting-edge features and apps in the HubSpot ecosystem.
Exclusive discounts
Enjoy special pricing on our apps as a token of appreciation for your invaluable feedback.
Opportunity to shape future features
Your insights and suggestions will directly influence app development, ensuring tools that truly meet your needs.

How can I participate?

Simply complete the form and we'll contact you when we have something we think you'd be interested in. 


We've tried to anticipate the questions you might have here

Who is eligible to participate in the beta testing program?

We're looking for HubSpot Super Admins, HubSpot enthusiasts, users seeking to expand their HubSpot capabilities on a budget, and HubSpot Solution Partners.

How do I indicate my interest in specific types of apps?

During the sign-up process, you'll have the option to select the kinds of functionalities you're most interested in. This helps us match you with the most relevant beta testing opportunities.

Will I receive a lot of communication from you?

Not at all! We value your time and inbox space. Communication will be concise and limited to informing you about beta testing opportunities that align with your indicated interests.

What kind of feedback will I need to provide?

We appreciate any feedback that can help us improve – from user experience, bugs, to new feature suggestions. The more detailed your feedback, the better we can tailor our apps to suit your needs.

Are there any costs involved?

Participation in our beta testing program is completely free. Plus, you'll receive exclusive discounts on our apps as a thank you for your contribution.

How long does the beta testing period last for each app?

The beta testing period varies for each app, typically ranging from a few weeks to several months. We strive to provide ample time for thorough testing and feedback collection. You'll be informed about the expected duration for each specific app when you're invited to participate in its beta test.


Who is Instrumental Apps?

We're a passionate team of tech enthusiasts and HubSpot experts committed to enhancing your HubSpot experience. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to develop innovative apps that supercharge your toolkit. As a HubSpot Solution Partner, we understand the diverse needs of Super Admins, avid users, and fellow partners.

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We're here not just to create apps, but to revolutionize how you interact with HubSpot.